August 19, 2022

Yass or Pass?! *These Brands are Crazy*

Hi friends! So today we are going to be talking about new makeup releases and whether I like them or not! I hope you guys liked this and found it entertaining. Let me know down below what you guys are liking or hating with new makeup releases! I love you guys so much and I will see you in the next one!

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43 thoughts on “Yass or Pass?! *These Brands are Crazy*

  1. U need talked out of the pat palette – it’s over $100 and it’s neutrals u see everywhere! There that should do it! 🤣

  2. If you feel that way about huda you might want to try Jeffree's formula for shits a gigs. I knowww you dont like him but its sooo high quality

  3. With the morphe palette, they had micro 4 influencers create 8 shades each to each 8 shades (2 rows of 4 for each) is by a different influencer, I think that’s a cute idea

  4. I only ever buy one expensive perfume, and use it sparingly. I get the black opium from yves saint, absolutely GORGEOUS packaging and it smells amazing with my body chemistry

  5. Tati’s palette is beautiful to me. I’m not getting it but if I was going to pick one to get 👍🏻 that’d be it.

  6. Holy Hannah (kinda funny because that’s an expression I actually use plus your name is Hannah 🤣) you’re so close to 100k! You look gorgeous in this video too 💛💫

  7. I’ve been SCOURING the internet for that Physician’s Formula Rose Palette and I don’t see it anywhere..? Not on their website or on google at all.. it doesn’t seem to actually exist! The thumbnail of the pallet you have shows a watermark that says “edit by…” maybe this is a fanmade photoshopped thing?

  8. I bought the Tati palette on launch day and I am in Canada. I still do not have my palette and the tracking number they sent me has no information attached to it. I am pretty frustrated by this. I hope I get the palette intact and soon because with exchange it set me back over $80. :/

  9. So for the Tati palette, I wonder if she used DHL for shipping like she does for Halo bc they are notoriously slow and it took forever for me to get my Halo order bc of them and it took like 10 days for me to get my Tati palette too

  10. I bought the new huda pallet and that’s all I ever wear now! I love the glitter colors in it and it’s an everyday look pallet for me

  11. I’m okay to spend money on mother Pat’s stuff. Her stuff is good and I am waiting for a sale to snatch the last two. I’m mad at sephora due to their crappy point system so I will try to avoid purchasing from them.

  12. Does ANYONE like that shade of yellow gold enough to need that much of it? And if you do… splurge and buy that fenti highlighter or something.

  13. Omg at one point I had two of the 80 dollars Hourglass highlight disasters & why. Why did I do that I never used the first one after a week & I surely didn’t use the second one

  14. I didn't think I would like the Mercury Retrograde the name is pretentious, but then I saw it at Sephora…DANG girl!!! It's GORGEOUS in person. I really do want it now.

  15. Omg, I went on a total Patrick Ta binge this weekend at the vib, I bought three of the blushes and the pencils-/ all so pretty so worth it👍

  16. I so badly wanted the Tati palette but…. the packaging. Is it just me or does anyone else think it looks a bit cheap? It looks like Morphe which drives me crazy. I was hoping for that price it would be further from Morphe and closer to hourglass or Charlotte Tilbury. 😩🤷🏻‍♀️

  17. Girl did you see the Casey Holmes Palette with PF? I got it despite not liking the packaging and then it came and I was like, “oh god. This is garbage.”

  18. Huda has not done things that are hugely problematic… i feel there s a hint of racism in how people try to hate her for any reason

  19. I strongly believe that you can get some really good products from the drug store… but if I already have high end versions of those products, I don't need the budget friendly versions.

  20. Hahaha I feel called out about the Hourglass part 😂 I just ordered one of those old Hourglass holiday palettes from someone on Poshmark like an hour ago😂 They are sooo expensive so getting one secondhand makes it less expensive for me and I'm not making more demand for the product from the company 🤷🏻‍♀️Those palettes also usually aren't vegan, so I buy non-vegan and non-cruelty-free items secondhand, because I would never buy those directly from a brand

  21. My middle name is Rose too! It is also one of my big obsessions, I have them everywhere! I even have them tattooed down my thigh! They are just the perfect aesthetic

  22. I originally wasn't planning on buying huda's retrograde palette. ….and then I saw it in person at sephora. I knew I had messed up as soon as I swatched because I instantly fell in love 😢 I am now waiting for it to get to me in the mail😅

  23. I love you so much lol Your opinion and the way you speak about shit is my literal spirit animal 🤘🏼💜😘 Your so darn real I love it 😄😄😄😘

  24. It’s so weird to see everyone promote voting🤔bc where i live, you have to go vote (its a law) but yea please go vote!!!

  25. ill care about what you have to say cause everyone who's done a review on it was sent it in pr so don't really trust it. the pallet seems good but everyones dancing around the fact that the glitters looks messy as like they will move over your face throughout wear. not sure tho keen for a review

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