Xpander Fuel Pump Problem. WARNING: DO NOT BUY!!! Philippines GLS 2019 Review

Couldn’t start the engine. Notice the tachometer. It wouldn’t even reach halfway to 1000rpm, then would just stop trying.

I was pretty happy with my Xpander for 6 months (except for poor fuel efficiency), then today it wouldn’t start. I saw on Facebook that many others are having this problem.

Don’t buy until Mitsubishi fixes this issue. I brought the unit to Mitsubishi (it eventually started) and they don’t even have parts.

UPDATE: After more than a week, I got my car back with a replaced fuel pump. However, they say the new fuel pump looks exactly like the old one and they could not tell me for sure if the quality is any different. This means I never know for sure if my car will start or not. Very disappointed and dissatisfied with Mitsubishi’s shady response.

source: https://sylvaniachristian.com

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