February 4, 2023

Xbox Adaptive Controller First Look

Microsoft stumbled into the accessibility market about three years ago, with the launch of the Xbox One Elite controller. The Elite wasn’t designed to help people with disabilities play video games — in fact, it was built for hardcore players who wanted more mapping options by adding rear paddle buttons, more sensitive triggers and interchangeable analog sticks to the classic dual-grip Xbox gamepad.

It just so happened these features were also in high demand at organizations like AbleGamers, whose goal is to make gaming accessible to anyone with disabilities via education, community support and the creation of custom controllers.

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45 thoughts on “Xbox Adaptive Controller First Look

  1. lol this shit is nothing but a slap in the face to cripples and gimps. its a $100 unit and literally all it does is the exact same function as any controller mainboard you can grab off ebay for less than 5$. its NOT a controller, and you would still have to pay out the ass for the ACTUAL controller parts, i.e. all the buttons you wanna use.

  2. The comments are disabled on the trailer for this. Just wanted to say this is so fucking beautiful. Xbox great job and thanks for making me ball my eyes out

  3. Microsoft is a company that thinks about it’s users. They think about what their users want, need, or just simply would like to have. They also think about the approximate 1B people with disabilities enough to make a controller for them.

  4. Before you get too teary eyed about Microsoft’s disability controller. I lost my arm in 1999, I was a Microsoft employee at the time and asked for over ten years (1999-2009) for better support for disabled gamers within Microsoft. I was pushed back on many a time with weak and ignorant answers. Now, Microsoft do something, then slap themselves on the back with congratulations. No. If they deserved credit then they should have included disabled gamers right at the start of the Xbox program. This should have been done years ago, and the fact that they ignore disabled gamers then use it to advertise their social responsibility and inclusion is to me – obscene.

  5. This is not only cool for people with a disability but also for DIY people !
    You can made whatever custom controllers for whatever you want with it!

  6. You done very good job Microsoft and i hope u will price them very cheaper so needy people can easily buy this product ,thanks microsoft

  7. I am happy for the players that get to play comfortably I don’t have a physical disability myself but I am excited for the people who get to use this product

  8. is microsoft going to just put this out or do they have plans on creating a line of accessories so some people wont have to make their own plug ins?

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