December 4, 2021

Word 2010 – AutoCorrect

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8 thoughts on “Word 2010 – AutoCorrect

  1. its very clear, ty i used the old version sudd not used to 2010 i use this for names coz i dw retype the whole name repeatedly for story

  2. Great tutorial! I have a question though, recently the option to autocorrect in the text has disappeared. Before, and without having to go to proofing, you'd make a misspelled word to auto autocorrect in the text/document by right click on the mouse, then choose the option to autocorrect that word by default. Hopefully you'll understad what I mean (and how to fix it!).

  3. thanks that helped… I have slight dyslexia but I type really fast so a lot of time i miss spell and word don't catch it. or I'm used to typing in text lingo so when I'm writing it fixes it for me..

    THANKS 🙂

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