November 29, 2022

WOLFENSTEIN YOUNGBLOOD All Cutscenes Movie Full Story [1080p HD]

WOLFENSTEIN YOUNGBLOOD All Cutscenes Movie Full Story [1080p HD]

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25 thoughts on “WOLFENSTEIN YOUNGBLOOD All Cutscenes Movie Full Story [1080p HD]

  1. The only thing I liked about the game was the plot twist of Lothar being the mute French guy. I would’ve never guessed it

  2. I didn't even know this game existed until today.
    So wait, they skipped over an entire decade worth of story like a second American revolution and killing Hitler so they could make what feels like a female empowerment game? A sad turn for this series. I have no idea what's going on with the story here, it skips all over the place. The information given to us from between last game and this one is pitifully minimal. Even graphically, New Collossus looked better than this. Disappointing.

  3. "Deducing from the fragmets I got HE must be looking for a place called lab X

    Lab X?! That's where he must be LETS GO!

    (Who wrote this?)….

    (I really wanted to see where she would have gone…only having heard about…a place named lab x)

  4. Joesph is like an old man wolverine…idk how to feel about it…i like it but don't like that hes being written as someone passing the torch.

  5. What’s with all these “super strong”women with short hair now taking over male roles in movies and games lmao fucking unreal.

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