March 22, 2023

When FAKER Plays TALON vs DOPA Twisted Fate! – SKT T1 Faker Talon vs Dopa Twisted Fate! | SKT T1

Faker ( Hide on Bush ) vs Dopa Twisted Fate Playing Solo Queue Ranked Game With Talon Mid In Challenger Elo Korea. The Patch Of The Game Is 8.14 , Remember to like the video for the best LoL Pro Replays to learn of the best players and BE CHALLENGER, It helps a lot!

Runes & Abilities:

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40 thoughts on “When FAKER Plays TALON vs DOPA Twisted Fate! – SKT T1 Faker Talon vs Dopa Twisted Fate! | SKT T1

  1. Why is this POV from Faker's sde? I think everybody here would much rather want to watch how Dopa manages wave control and sets up ganks on side lanes.

  2. 4/3
    dopa got 1/0 early
    faker give the kill instead of taking it for the advance item.
    faker knows he can play better among his tmates but with his tmates plays against dopa's team is outplayed. I'm not faker fan boys but faker is better than any mid laner player he is the most complete player, can play any champ and still perform. No hate

  3. So yeah, Dopa will always be better than faker. Obviously, playing solo isn't the same as playing with a team. Being solo means you need to adapt yourself to your team and that's not easy to do. That's why Dopa is the best mid laner and not Faker. The saddest part is that Dopa got banned in competitive scene. His team had the best of the best in each role. In conclusion, if Dopa was still in competitive he would have won all the titles instead of faker and his team would be strong till now, not like STK.

  4. I admit that Dopa is a biest but Faker managed to get titles and won many finals. Dopa is the better soloq player and faker is the better teamplayer

  5. Y’all should make judgements once you’re a Korean challenger. We’ll never know who to blame unless we are at their skill level.

  6. Faker didn't seem too serious. He made quite a few of mistakes. Not saying he would have won that game if he Hadn't. Talon is not a hard carry type, it can only carry before mid game ends. After that it's pretty hard to get kills with talon. Especially in this top jungle meta.
    For those saying dopa>faker. Tf is like one of dopa main. While talon is like a chill pick by faker. It allow minimal play. Q w both straight forward, no hard cc (unreliable slow) and nor good wave clearing. Ult? Meh. If you play talon you know you use it for escape half of the time.

  7. I like them both, faker is a fan favorite, and even though I like Faker more, I know Dopa be killing him every time they play. I just see Dopa as Evil Faker.

  8. Why did dopa place the control at 8:25? Faker destroys it at 10:40.

    I see that he clears a ward that was deep onto his side of the lane, was that the reason he placed the control? Is it a common placement otherwise?

  9. Dopa won becos he had a better team. LoL is a team game so better team wins. fakers entire team was feeding so its literally impossible to make a comeback.

    in terms of lane wise i think both players are pretty equal

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