November 29, 2022

Watch This Before YOU Buy the Canon SL3

Today we’re talking about the Canon SL3. We’re going to mention some positives and some negatives as we get this out of the box for the very first time. I’m a pretty big fan of Canon cameras, they make things about as easy as possible while still giving a pretty darn good looking image.

But there are some shortfalls to this particular camera that could be deal breakers for you if there are specific things you look for in a camera.

Canon SL3!

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———-What Gear I Use!———————

Main Camera (Canon EOS R)

Main Lens (Tokina 11-16 2.8)

Secondary Camera (Sony RX100VA)

Main Audio (MixPre 3)

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21 thoughts on “Watch This Before YOU Buy the Canon SL3

  1. personally i would rather the SL3 over the M50 as its heavily rumored online the M mount is going to be dropped, i got an SL2 at the start of the year and love it, everyone always asks what im shooting on (people only do that if the quality is good) so the sl3 having 4K has to be better, if you dont need 4K get the SL2 as its cheaper

    EDIT: someone will probably figure out how to jimmy eye detect AF onto the SL2 as they are almost identical (apart from processor mainly)

  2. Old Guys Rule even if we are using The EOS 2000D. Never use a cheapo Chinese flash you could end up with a short circuit I always use EZ for film Canons or EX for Digital so I dont have your indifferent opinions it not my fault if you ignore Me you have been warned.

  3. Hey!! Thabk you for the review. Looking into getting this, but now maybe not? I’m a hairstylist but I do like to record videos of my process. Which camera would you refer to me for high quality pictures and video?

  4. I am not a film maker so I don't need 24 fps…and I don't use flash…and Mirrorless camera look like a point and shoot camera…but maybe a firmware update could bring back 24 fps in the future, who knows?? I thought of getting the M50 but the battery man, I hate how fast it can run out of juice and it's designed like a point and shoot camera and for the lenses we'll have to buy an external mount…what?? Instead I would buy a new lens and just insert it in the SL3….I love the Canon SL3

  5. Uk Prime day deal £469, reduced from £605. I have been doing a lot of review watching recently and though not in any current prime day offers the the Panasonic G7 is £498, the Canon M50 is £589, and the Panasonic G80 is £679. Until your review I nearly went for this SL3 as it’s the cheapest, but, at least one person is listening to you,

    I decided the cheapest is not the best value. Currently focusing in on the G7 over both the M50 and G80, hope I am right. I am not a serious vlogger or YouTube creator, but do enjoy videoing activities and have recently got into trying to make up my own personal videos for family and friends using LumaFusion.

  6. i just bought one and couldnt open the RAW files then noticed they are CR3 files. i have purchased versions of CS6 and lightroom and there are no updates available so the only solution was to get the cloud or send the camera back. the SL2 shoots CR2 files and has the same sensor but the SL3 does 4K video. i really dont do 4K video anyway so i think i will order a SL2 for a backup and just call it a day.

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