December 1, 2022

Watch This Before You Buy A Canon SL3!!

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Now in my hands I’ve the brand new Canon SL3, a great little camera, but before you buy it, I wanted to share with you a few things I really about the camera and some things that you should know about it as well.

By the end of this video, hopefully I’ll be able to help you figure whether or not this is the right camera for you.

The Canon SL3 has some great features which I’m going to review in this Canon SL3 Review, including 4K video, dual pixel autofocus and other great features.

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21 thoughts on “Watch This Before You Buy A Canon SL3!!

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  2. The funny thing is videographers are jerking off about filming at 24 fps, when in fact its an outdated rule. The claims they make are "24fps is ultra smooth like the movies…" the reality is regardless what the movies are 24 fps will never be smoother that something greater than 24 fps because that's how it works. Think of stop animations and apply it. Now if you say 24p looks more cinematic, I can sit here and be silent and let you believe that. However do understand what you see in the movies are "Cine Cameras" not "DSLR", why does this matter? If you're a videographer who uses a DSLR that's fine but to achieve the same quality as the movies you'll want to bump up the fps (48-50) due to the limitation of the DSLR and simply render out lower(24-25). Filming at 24 fps on a DSLR will result in a jiggling effect of moving targets, or stationary target while the camera is in motion. Cine or cinema camera are built to record video (Meant to have the shutter opening and closing at a consistent rate for longer periods of time) so they don't really have this problem. My best recommendations are used your DSLR to continue vlogging but if your a true videographer or cinematographer the camera you have been craving is already on the market. The "Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera" is a full-on powerhouse of a cinema camera which is now used in the pro-industry and is only around $1.2k not bad for all you YouTubers who have this sort of cash laying around huh? When you do shoot at 24p on it then you can say things like "wow 24fps looks so cinematic…" but honestly ill still hate you…Well anywho just dropping knowledge.

  3. Hello Chris ..I am yet to decide on purchasing a SL2 or SL3 and I just have a quick question regarding the battery life of sl3.
    while shooting video, is the battery life on sl3 still better than sl2 ? if so by what margin ??.
    Thanks for all the wonderful review.

    Love your videos.

  4. I Love your channel! Planning to buy my first camera and I always go to your channel to check your opinion… This video really help me.

    I already kicked your other channel.

  5. Honestly Chris that's a sad way of getting subscribes I stopped watching your channel for this reason and you keep on saying watch my Amazon list thought you'd stopped but nope still the same

  6. Great Video,
    Just subbed to this page and the second page!!!
    Really looking forward to get a camera so i can start practicing to shoot pictures as i travel 🙂

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