April 2, 2023

46 thoughts on “Watch SC2 Replays for Free PLUS More – Starcraft 2 Starter Edition Released!

  1. I know I sound a fucking idiot, but how the fuck do I get authentication to even play this game?! I'm logged in on the website and says "Oppsy can't play at all" not even starter edition. WHY?!

  2. Does that mean I can play multiplayer for free? Only 1v1 is avable? Because I enjoy 2v2 the most.

    I had a year subscription on ruski server (ended right before RU-EU merge) not planning to resume subscription in a near future, but if I can still play, I gonna install it.

  3. @AGameGem yea i got it but its stupid cuz all u have is 5 story missions and only 3 challenges…u cant even fight the A.i…so i went and bought the full game

  4. Just wanna thank you for this video Ahnaris.

    It made me DL the game and after i had done the campaigns of the starter edition i was so hooked i bought the game, heck i even talked one of my friends into doing the exact same thing (talked him into DLing the starter edition and on the next day he bought the game).

    So once again thank you Ahnaris =)

    PS: Sooooo cant wait for the expansion xD

  5. I downloaded the Starter last night. The download is all 7GB of the game. Its just that 98% of the game is locked. I tried using the replay feature but you have to play a multiplayer first then watch your saved game. I haven't found anything that lets the Starter view anyone else's matches.

  6. @DanToretto1 Yeah you're right. The play button in game is very different.

    The only difference between a replay and a video of a replay is you can't move around the map freely to look at irrelevant things, and you can't press buttons to see pretty UI pictures of what they are building.

    The way Ahnaris said "people who aren't sure about the game can now download it, and watch replays!" is what I am talking about..you can decide if you like the game by a youtube replay, EASILY. Still a moron?

  7. @TOMAN334 No. Power, Courage, and Wisdom are the 3 aspects of the triforce. I was attaching each caster to a part of the triforce.

  8. After Hours gaming league.. Yea watched a few of them on TB's youtube channel. Funny to watch, good for charity. Though if you are looking for pro matches only, stay away from it lol.

  9. @EssvReborn yeah.. that guy that was freaking annoying in the entire match..

    I watch everybody awesome so ofc I am here.

  10. @bood3e hey i don't love husky but everyone is "just doing this for money" how do you think that these guys make a living?

  11. The Ahnarians, the Huskateers, and the Day9ers. Three epic factions. When they combine, the earth stands still.

    Such is the gospel of AfterHoursGaming.

  12. some wrong info, theres not really cross region, you can play the starter edition cross region, thats it, if you own the full game already you still have to pay for another account to get full cross region

  13. Glad Blizzard done this, I was like ehhh dunno if I should buy it and afterwards get disappointed or bored and now I can try it out
    But damn you Blizz if I become a Terran player ><

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