May 17, 2022

Using the iPhone 5S in 2019 – Review

The iPhone 5S came out 6 years ago and is still somehow supported on iOS 12 today, in 2019. While it won’t receive the iOS 13 update, the 5S is still a solid device and performs surprisingly well considering its age.

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37 thoughts on “Using the iPhone 5S in 2019 – Review

  1. I found a broken screen one, for 7 bucks at a family owned thrift shope, along with having a broken screen it also had a bloated battery, im planning on replacing both and using it as an Ipod

  2. Watching this video as it’s the last few days that I will be using this phone. The 5s was damn good and took every drop like a tank.

  3. Oh yeah iPhone 5/5s/SE has the best design and size, very comfortable in hand, good grip and timeless design, still use this in 2019, no problem at all, just need to replace the battery. In my opinion.

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