March 27, 2023

41 thoughts on “Use Xbox one S controller on PC or Laptop | Wireless Connection | Without Driver or Adapter

  1. Good video bro, i just got one today. Didnt know i didnt need the dongle but it was from a previous xbox one controller. I didnt know this one was the Xbox One S controller until i started watching videos on it.

  2. Hello Tech Virus ! I got one question: the vibration is working if you are using usb cable on pc , or the vibration works only with the wireless bluetooth set on xbox to computer ?

  3. Have you tried actually playing games? Many games are literally crap themselves if used with bluetooth connection. When tried with the wireless adapter all is ok. Connecting and linking is still not as good as on consoles though

  4. I can't believe they're selling an Xbox One Controller with wireless adapter for €80. It's ridiculous. The controller has Bluetooth, install the drivers on pc and connect the controller.

  5. Please message me quickly on no. 7379828068 that which cd you have put in pc . Whether it is xbox cd or pc cd

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