October 2, 2022

12 thoughts on “Understanding the Canon EOS M50 camera: Pilot episode

  1. Thank you for this series. The M50 is my go-to travel camera. I still have my old Lumix ZS20, which I also learned to use through your videos 🙂

  2. Graham, thank you for the M50 review/tutorial. I would love to see more of these on the M50 as it is my go-to camera for YouTube vids (1080). You are an excellent instructor.

  3. Hi Graham, there are a number of programmable buttons on this camera. I have mine set up as follows:

    Record button is set to focus zone (face detection/tracking, single point, zone AF). MFn button set to ISO. Up arrow left at the default toggle shutter speed, aperture. Left arrow toggles one-shot/servo AF, right arrow adjusts drive mode (single shot, high speed burst, slow burst, self-timer, etc.) Down arrow toggles LCD screen/EVF. When you hit the Q button it always returns to the last used item. Mine is generally returning to white balance. Therefore, I can quickly adjust all focusing settings and drive settings, exposure controls and white balance with a minimum of fuss.

    I have the auto switching LCD/EVF turned off and image preview turned off. I never use the LCD for reviewing images, so it's always off, but I use it for moving focus points. This leads to amazing battery life. I frequently get 1600+ shots if doing a lot of burst shooting. Street photography – I get 1200-1400 shots on a single charge with enough power left to plug the camera into my computer and transfer all of those images.

  4. Is the M50 compatible with a Godex system such as the AD200 with the Xpro trigger? Seems like a perfect portable solution if it is.

  5. Cheers Graham. Just received my M50 yesterday so your new series will be very helpful. So far I am greatly impressed with the camera especially with the Focus Peaking feature. Now these old eyes can focus with all the manual lenses I have for my 6D.

  6. Awesome thanks heap for starting this set love the way you cover the points and looking forward to learne over again thanking you for taking the time to do this stay safe see ya

  7. Thank you gram forgiving us the rundown on the Canon M50 hello from Atlanta Georgia you just such a great presentation thank you ever so much your best friend

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