April 1, 2023

22 thoughts on “Tiny Butterfly Build – Too Strong! by OG & Wings Pro Dota 2

  1. the first game build butterfly in order to counter viper and winter ultimate so it can gain evasion from teamate's hit.

  2. The fuck is this bullshit? This was frankfurt major OG vs CDEC not Wings long time ago in 2015. Fucking stupid click bait titles. Disliked.

  3. WTF this isnt about butterfly on tiny. it about how to buff hard carry tiny. this need a teammates. always need aganim from alchemist and tether buff from IO.. so tiny had 2 free item slot in early game. that why tiny build butterfly first. tiny already got +150 damage from scepter and got regen and attack speed from IO… GG EZ

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