February 7, 2023

30 thoughts on “The Witcher in 5 Minutes

  1. (For the people here for the Netflix series) The video games are not cannon to the show or books.
    If you want the Netflix series lore explained then turn to the novels.

  2. After playing 3 hours of Witcher 3, I just thought he was a cool mercenary that cheated on his mage wife and disliked kings. Glad to know I was right on all 3.

  3. Another one of these "worlds" where every race fights each other in a war of bordered nations? What happened to diplomacy part? What does this teach me? Nationalism and xenophobia?

  4. For those who want it chronologically:

    1. Duny (Emhyr) was cursed, apparently since birth. (This wasn't actually true, but it's irrelevant.)

    2. Duny and Pavetta fell in love.

    3. Geralt lifts Duny's curse and asks for child of surprise. Pavetta was pregnant (with Ciri).

    4. Geralt initially refuses Ciri, ends up with her again, and decides to take her to Kaer Morhen anyway. He also learns that she is a Source (has Elder Blood or whatever).

    5. Yennefer trains and tutors Ciri in magic, to try and harness her power. I think Triss does too.

    6. Ciri becomes Yen and Geralt's adopted child.

    7. Lots of time passes.

    8. Geralt is killed with a pitchfork, Yen resurrects him.

    9. Ciri creates special island for them, and goes off into another dimension.

    10. Wild Hunt appear and kidnap Yennefer (to lure Ciri out).

    11. Geralt joins Hunt in return for Yen's freedom.

    12. Later, he somehow escapes, and returns to witchering, with no recollection of Yen or Ciri.

    13. Witcher 1 game begins. Witcher 2 happens. Geralt regains memory. Witcher 3 happens.

  5. Who here is brand new to the Witcher universe and came to watch this BEFORE you started the show on Netflix? … I’m the only noob? Oh ok, cool. lol

  6. Came here after watching the Netflix series. Imho, I think the plot of the Netflix story needs to be slightly different from the original story. This is to keep the fans guessing what happens next and to make it more interesting.

  7. Honestly, Geralt doesn't match romantically with Yennefer. If this is all about destiny and links they should have had created a romantic bond between Geralt and Ciri who is not actually his real daughter. I know the age gap between each other is big but that would strengthen more the definition of what a bond by destiny would be, while Geralt isn't capable to love Yen and Triss more than Ciri.

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