March 24, 2023

The Legend of Ji-Gong 濟公活佛 – Episode 1

濟公 returns in this light-hearter 30-parter (divided into five separate segments) which promises to be wholesome family fare, complete with anecdotes on filial piety and moral integrity. Xie Shaoguang 谢韶光, who’s swept three major awards in the Star Awards playing everyone’s fave naughty deity.


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43 thoughts on “The Legend of Ji-Gong 濟公活佛 – Episode 1

  1. 超怀念啊 以前新传媒的古装剧真的好看 演员也都是实力派老戏骨 谢韶光演的剧就特别精彩

  2. 以前看新加坡电视剧 总是看熟人面孔,一人 演好几部剧。就想他们没有别的演员了吗?换来换去 就这几个人演。

  3. Pls.Help me translate into Vietnamese. I do not understand the Singapore language. I have loved this movie  for a long time. Pls. :"(

  4. Phim gi mà ko có thuyet minh hay lồng tiếng con cac gi mà cũng đăng len. Thang này ko có việc gì làm

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