January 28, 2022

The Final Days of Chima Online

Some footage I recorded shortly before Chima Online closed (doesn’t show the closure itself). Just seeing what changed since I’d last played the game. The beginning to 21:11 was recorded on the evening of May 31st, 2015 (around 8:30 to 9:10 PM central time), the rest was recorded in the early hours of the morning of June 1st (between 1:30 to 3 AM central time). I dunno when exactly the game closed so I’m not sure how close this footage is to its actual death, lol.

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38 thoughts on “The Final Days of Chima Online

  1. I played this game when I was 10!
    Actually wanted to play it again, just for the nostalgia but then I saw the servers are down. My little heart broke x(

  2. I have always hope to the return of the game, I have created a petition because I think LEGO Chima is the best franchise of LEGO, the game has a good concept, but not finished, and I have also hope to see the return of the series, I have hope, and never let Chima die!
    For CHIMA


  3. Oh god!
    The nastalgia

    Remember that thing that gave you the ability to open those gates.

    Also, of course my dad spent over 100 dollars this game for me. (I love you dad😘)

  4. I remember that game it was so fun I hope someone recreate this game cause its was such great to play with friend and family I was young and that was great memories of fun in videogames

  5. god i wanted to commit suicide when this game shut down, it was the best game ever imo better than fortnite, id do anything for lego to bring it back. (fuck ninjago, which was the reason it shut down by the way)

  6. I miss this game so much. Wish I had played it more before it was closed. I got introduced to Minecraft at the time and stopped playing this game.

  7. Did you enjoy this game, or was this just a reminder of LU? I'm genuinely curious.Personally, I have fond memories of LU, but I've never played Chima Online – nor am I that interested in it tbh.

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