March 27, 2023

46 thoughts on “Tế Điên Truyền Kỳ 1986 1

  1. Tu hành gì loại súc sinh ăn thịt chúng sinh điên khùng này! Chỉ có đại thừa tầu tu như thế: phá giới, phạm giới, bẻ vụn giới để tham dục lạc GIỚI, ĐỊNH, TUỆ của chánh pháp đâu rồi?. Thầy tu Bà la môn mạo danh tu sỹ Phật!

  2. My Symptoms And Side Effects When I Am Depressed,I if u look on the following pages,u will noticed my symptoms of when i am manic or depressed.
    * forget to eat and/or do not want to eat and/or overeat,*do not shower,cannot get out of bed,*feel isolated and lonely,*have a very low energy level,have suicidal thoughts and have had a plan,*do not cook,*have trouble concentrating and remembering things.

    Bipolar is only one of many diagnoses in categories of mental illness,but i am including a list of my symptoms to show what's my family ,friends and i have to put up with when dealing with my bipolar disorder.Maybe this will help you identify the same in yourself,your family members,neighbors,or others. The mania has caused us the most trouble. When I Am at my worst,I act like I Am on crack cocaine—i get psychotic.People can get psychotic whether or not they have bipolar.Just not getting enough sleep or being on drugs can cause psychosis.When I get psychotic,it is like i am dreaming . . .;I do not necessarily see or hear anything and have no control over what's I say or do.In my case,that is because my brain chemistry is going haywire and not doing what it is supposed todo or my medication stops working.

    Have difficulty making decisions,have trouble getting to sleep but then sleep too much,have no sexual desire,feel hopeless,pessimistic,and have the feeling that no one is there for me,worry and have anxiety about everything,feel ashamed about having a mental illness,feel worthless and unimportant,feel antisocial and standoffish,cry inappropriately.At that point,i have no judgment or concentration or control.Some things i remember doing and some i do not and just hear about them later from people who have observed and told me.

    after i am hospitalized,it is like going through major surgery—it takes time,sometimes weeks,and rest and relaxation to recuperate.*do not feel like doing anything,*fear losing my mind and being out of control and being admitted to thee hospital,*have upset stomach and muscle aches when anxious,*hide my anger and other feelings.

  3. Tui nhớ có phim tế công đoạn đầu giới thiệu có cái hoa sen bay bay phim đó mở hay tìm mãi không thấy 😖😖

  4. hình như phim này được 1 người nước ngài mua bản quyền òi và chỉ ắp mạng đúng bản 1 tập này thui… muốn xem chắc phải tìm lại kho phim cũ của đài truyền hình hà tây kk

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