March 26, 2023

Tale of Wuxia Gameplay Walkthrough #3 | Let's Play Tale of Wuxia (PC HD) (Steam) (60fps/1080p)

Tale of Wuxia [Walkthrough, Part 3]
Tale of Wuxia [Gameplay, PC]

Let’s Play – 侠客风云传(Tale of Wuxia) Gameplay (PC) (Steam) (English) 60fps 1080p
Genre: RPG, Adventure, Simulation, Strategy, Indie
Game Platform: Windows (PC)
Developer: Heluo Studio
Publisher: Fenghuang Game
Release Date: 28 Apr, 2016

Tale of Wuxia video pc game on steam:

Tale of Wuxia Full PC Game Walkthrough Playlist:

“Tale of Wuxia” is a role-playing and single-player PC game, made by Phoenix Games and Heluo Studio. Added lots of new stories, gameplays and systems, it is a new version of Legends of the Wulin. The game engine used by Tale of Wuxia is U3D.

Tale of Wuxia has been dedicated to providing gameplayers with a free platform, where they can customize their own Wuxia. Instead of being restricted to characters’ basic properties and martial arts, in this new version, gameplayers can also choose the personalities and talents of their own. The new talent system makes characters more distinctive. For example, the hard workers are good at monotonous missions, the slyboots prefer changeable missions, while the jade trees are more popular among girls. Different talents come with different gameplays, greatly increasing the fun in playing.

Tales of Wuxia Steam PC Game Features:
1.Stories on game maps are equipped with many new systems, picturing a more free and real Wuxia world. Furthermore, the ultimate fun lies in character progression.
2.There are more interaction between characters, even NPCs have their own emotions.
3.Multiple endings.
4.Lots of hidden stories needed unlock by special conditions.
5.Added lots of new stories.
6.The number of girls a character can have relationship with has been increased to more than 10.

The steam edition contains a free DLC – “The Return of Devaraja”

PC Gameplay Playlist:
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2 thoughts on “Tale of Wuxia Gameplay Walkthrough #3 | Let's Play Tale of Wuxia (PC HD) (Steam) (60fps/1080p)

  1. Holy shit, i played this in grandmaster dificulty and got owned by those 3 guards while trained all the time in fist combat :/

    What training should i do to increase damage with fists?

  2. Tale of Wuxia Part 4 –
    Full Game Playlist:

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