February 1, 2023


Quite simply the first really usable WIFI based FPV I have used and I am confident it most of this is due to the use of a 16:9 camera. The frame rate is not a fluid 30fps but is consistent and the actual video quality you see is superb, refreshingly so.
The actual flight range seems more than enough but the FPV range is not so great. I was able to fly around the small football net area and even out to the trees past them without issues but it dropped out fairly easily when taking the quad high.

It really is a pleasure to fly and allows some nice smooth lines with an accurate altitude hold that does not get in the way of actually flying and has a very organic feeling not dissimilar to a phantom. The pitch rates are not as deep as the Kai Deng K70 but that is the closest flying quad without altitude hold I have flown.

The only thing that can be tricky is descending if really high as the FPV feed drops out and it can be hard to gauge the speed so its easy to drop the throttle too much and disarm the quad in flight. Other than that one small issue that almost all barometer based height holding quads have, it would be tough to make a quad that was easier to fly while still being fun.

Syma really impressed me with this one and it does what it was supposed to very well, a fun but functional delve into FPV without breaking the bank. After bumping it around I can say that its really tough for it’s size and weight too.

Now I would like to see the first company that takes the initiative and gives us the first widescreen wifi FPV setup that provides a smooth 30fps and also rate mode with a camera that can be angled to the users choice. A small 150mm version of this with the same FPV range would be a blast for close, safe FPV.

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36 thoughts on “Syma X8HW – WIFi FPV FUN

  1. Hi all, and thank you for this video. I have question for everyone. My brother had Syma X8Hw but his drone "runaway" to the woods and he never found it. It was drone without GPS and without any functions for returning or without any other signalisation to find it when it crash. I would like to buy to him as a present some similar drone but with some returning functions. It seems Syma x8 Pro has lots of mixed emotions rewievs. Can you pleas recommend to me some other drones about price of Syma X8 and similar to it? Thanks a lot.

  2. Can you confirm something for me for the Syma X8hw, Will it save to the sd card if you activate the Recording or photo option on the controller, Because When I does that, The drone light flashes, Indicating its recording, But Nothing saves to my sd card, But if I Started the recording or photo on the app, It saves to SD Card AND Phone

  3. He i just buyt a syma x8hg on Wish (app with insane amounts of sale) and it asked me witch camera i wanted and i pressed “5.0 mp wifi cam” but i know of the review videos that the x8hg doesnt have a wifi cam (cuz i want to see the cam footage with my phone while im flying) but i got confused if it had a wifi cam or not. Can someone tell me if i buyt a drone with a cam for my phone?

  4. It's not as easy to learn to fly these drones as these video's suggest. So over a couple days I practiced and finally got it to hover down low without going off at a angle, but, then the lights on the quad started blinking and it would not bind anymore. I was ready to trash it, then changed the battery in the quad with a fresh one, and WALLAH, it worked. The battery only showed a slight discharge, but apparently, it was enough. If yours does this, try changing for a fresh battery or recharge it. :o)

  5. I have a problem. my x5hw is disconnected at 9 meters. I do not have the camera on. Can somebody help me? Thank you

  6. i got my drone today x8hw , the video on sd card ios very lagy also on phone very laggy , i connected to wifi but did not ask for a password > normal ?

  7. I wanted to buy a drone and fly it around Meersbrook Park so I searched YouTube and damn if someone beat me to it! Should I still bother? Great video, if you ever fancy a race I live in one of those houses on the video 🙂

  8. Can't get mine to connect to the control or the wifi, what am I doing wrong? Instruction book is not the most detailed

  9. I'm more interested in what you have to say than the video but I think I can amplify it . I watch mostly on phone . thanks again. For wifi fpv that's pretty good.

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