April 1, 2023

22 thoughts on “Starcraft 2 : Starter Edition ( Free to Play!)

  1. Can someone explain to me why i have the started version but i bought the game? I purchased it from a shop adn after i intalled it it was the started version.I dont wanna play something that is normally free but that i spend money on.Did i do the installation wrong? Is it actually the started version,because i know that is free,but i paid for it and i have many restrictions.I was really looking forward to play the campaigns… plz halp.

  2. Perhaps you downloaded the wrong client. As long as the SC2 key is linked to your bnet account you should be able to download it.

  3. The game comes with trail edition keys. Are you sure you entered the real game key and not a trail key when you registered the game.. If you entered the real game key there is no reason why you would have to upgrade…..

  4. man, i got the game from the store a long time ago. Then i had some issues, so i uninstalled it…
    But by that time i threw out everything for it. Also the CD was scratched from my little siblings. So i go and download the client version off of blizzard.com. I try to log on and it says i need to upgrade my account.. Why does it do that? Wouldn't my account be recognized as "premium?" Please help!

  5. so this starter version is free? pls tell me how long can i play it like this…will they block it after some time if i dont upgrade?

  6. @MontaqV3 The starter and the full are the same client ,in starter most of the features are "Locked" unless you buy it

    Sc2 is all online based, the only thing you need to run it in the Game client and your Bnet account on which Sc2 is bought

    so yea even if you happen to have a new pc you can still login your account once you have the client

  7. @EnexSC Terran with 4 maps.. out of which 3 are 2v2 ones
    it's a basic Sc2 package good enough to get you the feel of it

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