May 14, 2021

Sony a9 II & Canon 1DX III predictions, PORTRAITS review, Nerdy stuff (TC LIVE)

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Join Chelsea & Tony Northrup every Thursday for the latest photo news and photo reviews. This episode – PORTRAIT photo review, and general nonsense. Submit your best portrait at (one photo per episode, please).

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31 thoughts on “Sony a9 II & Canon 1DX III predictions, PORTRAITS review, Nerdy stuff (TC LIVE)

  1. Haha I'm the model on the minute 31 🙂 if you want to check more of my modeling work check my insta @catarinafoxy

  2. Still waiting on EOS R and RP review on new firmware that supposedly increased a lot on eyeAF distance and AF tracking.

  3. Tony! I'm trying to decide between these two cameras, my business is split 50% photo and 50% video. I am heavily invested in Canon glass so I am leaning toward the Canon (do you think Canon glass will look just as good on a Sony with an adapter?) But it seems like mirrorless might be the better option, so maybe I should go with the Sony?

  4. Ah number 63 at 11:26 is mine haha. Third time I try to get an assessment from you. Just for the fun. I'm just a guy with a camera.

  5. I just noticed in the new movie ad Astra they frame some headshots with the top of the head cut off and I was like… Wahhaahah?

  6. I don’t understand why everyone not only you wants to make video on thing, which you people dont even have a clue what is going to be looks and features like. What makes you to thing like this? It makes matter if Nikon, Canon, Sony have asked your opinion for improvement areas.

  7. 56:01 .Thank you for looking at my photo , and thanks for the kind words. I had to do a lot of editing on that photo. there were a lot of trees and walls being her. i also exposed for the backgrounds so that I could get the blue from the sky in. If anyone wants to see more of those photos I did with her check out my Instagram @jm_photography_25. Thank you 🙂

  8. I feel like the green skin comes from the shows/movies we watch. All the netflix shows i watch seem to have a green tint which if im not wrong comes with the cinema cameras like the RED cameras. Maybe we see it so often in TV that we try to re-create those cinematic looks.

  9. PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT THE SAMSUNG GALAXY NX CAMERA. This is such a wonderful camera and I love using it. I have all three Samsung Android cameras. I started with the Samsung Galaxy Camera then I bought the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 and finally I bought the Samsung Galaxy NX Camera. I love all three of these cameras. I even love letting my family and friends use the Galaxy Camera or Galaxy Camera 2 both in auto mode and letting them go off all day or week or however long and letting them just shoot as many photos and videos as they want. I also love that all three of these cameras are android which is how I share my photos and videos with my Google Photos account. I am very simplistic and minimalist and with new features from apple, I have decided to use my iPhone exclusively for color grading and editing videos with my iPhone. I also use Lightroom on my iPhone with a preset that I will create for each new batch of photos, so all they photos from an shoot or event will look the same. The only app outside of my iPhone or Android Samsung Galaxy Camera 1 and 2 as well as my Galaxy NX Camera, is iMovie on my Mac Laptop. I still use iMovie on my iPhone but it is severely limited and much more fully featured on the Computer vs the iPhone. Still usable on the phone though, just want that to be said. Anyway, PLEASE DO A VIDEO ABOUT THE SAMSUNG GALAXY NX AND SAMSUNG GALAXY CAMERA 1 & 2 PLEASE.

  10. Green cast can come from existing light/reflections. However intentionally making someone green is a choice. I don't believe it is a good choice unless you are raiding area 51 🙂

  11. I wanted you to know that this episode was on my birthday!! I hope to meet you guys some day. I just bought a Mavic Pro 2 btw. Excited!!!

  12. Tony And Chelsea, Not sure if you can do this because of Square Space? How about making a quick video about about Adobe Portfolio. Is it worth using if you are a Creative Cloud member. Also explain domain names and wether it's worth using their free domain name or buying your own domain name. If you can not make a video, then please reply back with anything useful.

  13. You can tell Chelsea and her dad have a good back and forth Tony should be proud of her dose Chelsea have her own YouTube channel? Good video new sub

  14. Thank you for your kind words and critique on my photo at 8:35! The doll-look was indeed deliberate. I wanted to change the title of the photo into "The Doll", but I already submitted it. Inspiring to see so many different styles every time!

  15. Hi T&C…

    Having had a look at Roxy's instagram, great feed by the way, I am not sure that you undrstand the difference between soft focus and light control; Roxy's feed has exceptional lighting control and the portraits are full of details that are rendered kind of smooth by the lighting; whilst soft focus aims at addressing the same issue of skin smooting also looses details. In the old days some particular lenses were used, maily low quality optics, some filters were used to introduce some kind of diffraction like effect, vaseline as mentioned and the old trick of streching a silk tight in front of the lens.
    If you have the time have a look at my submission No 97 in the feed titled Nancy, it is a full res jpeg 10Mb at 300dpi, start zooming in and you will see every single hair, every single skin pore as well as every bit of make up imperfection; however when you look at the full image it appears to be soft; the lighting used was a 10 inch fresnel box as key light, a 20×60 inch floor softbox at an angle of 40 degrees from the floor(more or less) and a strib box as backgrond light. A mix of hard and soft light, the hard one to give definition and details and the soft light to smooth the transitions; if I would have used a soft focus technique I would have softened the image but lost details.

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