January 21, 2021

24 thoughts on “Sony A6600 First look – Best APS-C Camera?

  1. I am also thinking of the a6600 to complement my a7RIII. A smaller camera for those grab and shoot days with same battery system.

  2. For $1500 you can get the x-t3 with a sick kit lens, 4K 60p 10bit! You get great autofocus comparable to Sony, you get a higher data rate when recording up to 4 times what the Sony offers. I think Sony was smoking crack when they announced the a6600 at this price! This is a $800-900 camera. Man even the G9 is about to get a major video firmware upgrade. Only thing saving Sony is the sick sigma lenses they got.

  3. You should pick up a A7III instead because of the double slot too. That and the ff is well worth it. I don't see any reason to get this over the III. The size is not that different and neither is the price.

  4. If Sony wants to make a killing in sales put a full frame camera sensor in this crop body and make it 2 card slots. No video features just photos. Put the D750 sensor in it to handle noise. I'll take 10 of them.

  5. You brought up the most important point, no one really knows what they want. They will always be disappointed. I just bought the 6400 and it is incredible. I have no problem with stabilization as all my lenses have OSS. Those needing IBIS, bigger battery, etc. the a6600 looks great. Knowing they can use FF lens makes it an even better deal. Those a6000 bodies are just light and ASP-C lens are also light. Great for those times when you are just shooting family gatherings or events where you don't need the heavier a7 series.

  6. A used a73 is just few hundreds more than a6600 brandnew +tax on this. the same crop lenses can be used in full frame, with all the more features.

  7. Does anyone know if low light capability has been improved on this camera. That and the IBIS are the big issues for me. So far they are halfway there.

  8. A nice thought out review. I am inclined to get one. In reality, the XT3 is better spec wise and ergonomicly, but this is more compact, has a flip screen, has better battery life, has access to more lenses, has IBIS, and perhaps that's enough. As good as the XT3 is, it's bigger and more limited in lenses. I would get one as my main camera perhaps, but not as a travel cam as I would the A6600. If only it had a new sensor and 10 bit 4K 60p.

  9. I’ve got the exact same one on eval loan haha.. my tester has those same scratches on the hot shoe . Small world.

  10. Fuji XT3 doesn’t have IBIS, flip screen, or great battery life. For me personally all 3 of those things are a must have. BTW, thanks for being the only reviewer that isn’t trying to push people towards the A7iii. Yes it’s full frame but they are very different in their own way. I’ll be preordering this camera before launch.

  11. nice review..I have the sony 6400 and i have no problem with batter..i had the sony a6300 and battery life was worse:) i also bought an extra battery,i have never used it till now

  12. Balanced first look, nicely done. Key new feature that sold me was touch screen to trip shutter — I shoot events/street photography from the waist using LCD. Would love to see this ported to other “touch enabled” Sony cams, perhaps by firmware update — your thoughts?

  13. … kind regards from Germany. I got my a6600 last friday – great camera! I use the a6600 with the new 16-55/f 2.8 and the 24/f 1.2 GM. 👍

  14. If Sony was able to provide us 10 bit resolution video in this camera it would have been a home run, lines around the block, and sold out immediately.

  15. If you own sony lens it a good but if buying a new your first camera ,Sony lens cost more and not as good as Fujifilm x-t3

  16. I am among those who wanted more. I don't care that it don't have 4k 60, but I want a better sensor, better EVF and better screen. Since my left eye is much better than my right I am no fan of the rangefinder style. I keep my a6500 and I don't buy the exelent 16-55, I have already to many APS-C lenses if I decide to upgrade to something else.

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