November 26, 2020

Sony a6400 vs Canon M50 Ultimate Comparison

⭐️ Best price for the Sony a6400: (affiliate)
⭐️ Best Price for the Canon M50: (affiliate)

Today I’m going to compare the Sony a6400 and the Canon M50 for both photography and video. These are two of the most popular beginner mirrorless cameras from Sony and Canon and they offer great value.

There are some similarities and some significant differences, so I will cover the strengths and weaknesses of the #a6400 and the #m50 for both photography and video, and compare everything from body type, framerate and resolution, autofocus, lens options, audio features, and ergonomics.

I will also look at the #sony a6400 and the Canon M50 in terms of battery life, timelapse, viewfinder and streaming options and recording limit.

Finally I’ll tell you which option I think is best for different uses.

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Best Price for Canon M50 Camera (updated):
CREATOR KIT: (affiliate)
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BEST PRICE FOR SONY A6400(updated):
Body only: (affiliate)
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Deity V-Mic D3 Pro: (affiliate)
Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone: (affiliate)
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Best Lavalier Microphone:
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My favorite 3-axis Gimbals:
Moza Air 2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer: (affiliate)
DJI Ronin-S: (affiliate)
Zhiyun-Tech Crane v2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer:

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45 thoughts on “Sony a6400 vs Canon M50 Ultimate Comparison

  1. New subbie 😊.. this is sooo informative.
    Just Incase you are thinking of giving away your M50. I would highly appreciate it 😬😊

  2. Watched the video… very helpful, thanks! However, since I'm here to learn about these cameras for a gift for my daughter, here's my question…If you asked for a camera, which one of these two would you want to find under the tree for Christmas????!!!

  3. Thank you so much for this video. I take a lot of landscape photos (mostly sunrises and sunsets) I’m considering getting the A6400 bc of the low light settings. I’m also thinking of beginning to vlog on my travels but I’m unsure of which one would be better for that.

  4. The prices sure vary, depending on where you live. Here I can get a M50 for 550-600$ whereas the a6400 will set me back around 1450$. Having that in mind, would you still recommend the a6400?

  5. Hi bro, I'm RAM from India 🇮🇳
    this indeed the best comparison I had ever seen… Well done.
    Does m50 can continuously record more than 30 mins at 1080p?
    Because I'm a bigenner to video shoot, I'm not able to decide which one to buy. For YouTube videos shooting in a room, which one is better camera at 1080p video recording? Also suggest me which adopter and lenses to choose?

  6. Hi again friend. Would these bothe be considered major upgrades from my g7x mk 2? I'm really not satisified with the quality of my videos using it!

  7. i have one problem. Looking for solutions from you if you have any. I got decent & detailed photos by this camera. But when i upload them on fb or WhatsApp. It looks so low quality pic that even my mobile captured photos would be better. I don't want to post those photos. Do you have any solution. Please help🙏

  8. Currently have Canon 60d + 10-18 zoom + Sigma 17-50 F2.8 + 2 kit lens. Would like to buy A Sony a6400 & use my existing lens. The only problem is there a good enough lens adapter at a reasonable price without causing degradation to performance & quality ?

  9. Question. I have a Sony NEX-6 so I'm invested in some E lenses, batteries and external chargers… I enjoy street photography, low light and… (NEW)… I want to do some vlogging (travel and instructional content) and YouTube videos (commentary and product reviews)…so… A6400 or M50…? I know the new A6600 is switching to the larger batteries so unless someone comes up with a battery compartment adapter then if I wait for A6600 I will need new batteries and external chargers (but my existing lenses will be fine). The M50 will be a whole new platform plus lenses and batteries and external chargers. I think I know the answer for me but please folks all chime in because I may be missing something quite important.

  10. Good review! I have both cameras and you really can't go wrong with either. The Sony "specs out" the Canon, but the Canon (in my opinion) is more intuitive and just more fun to use. I find this to be a common difference between Sony and Canon products. I use a FF camera (mostly) for professional shoots, but they are just too big and bulky (and that includes a Sony with a big lens). When I'm out and about or on vacation, I go for a smaller camera. I really like the Sony RX10 series when I need a big telephoto, but I tend to go with the M50 much of the time in other situations. I absolutely love the Canon touch screen (although I tend to move the focus point when using the viewfinder) and I can always find the function that I'm looking for. The M50 is so lightweight that I don't even feel it on a backpacking strap. However, I wish it had some weather sealing. The bottom line is that if you are a stills photographer or the family videographer you just can't go wrong with either camera in my opinion.

  11. Thinking changing from M50 to A6400… I have A7III and it would be great to have 1 system and using the lens I already own..

  12. loved it's probably the best comparison and that's what i needed and i ended up with the final decesion on sony A6400✌🏽

  13. Hi Sagi, I have lost count of how many times I've watched this video for the past few weeks. Please help me decide, my partner and I are planning to start vlogging. Most of the videos would be about food and places, so video and image details are important. We thought maybe the sony is a better choice but we only have basic knowledge when it comes to cameras so maybe we should get the canon instead. Which one do you think is better for us?

  14. But with the canon m50 u can go with speedbooster that give u a "FullFrame"(1.2x) sensor size , not exactly but you got more light and more lens from EF mount . Is it worth?

  15. Hi sir, I find video footages of m50 to be like mobile phone footages. Is it because the default sharpness setting is at peak or its the sensor?

  16. Tech Gear Talk Hey ✌🏻 wich camera is better for Instagram photos and YouTube Videos, vlog? Taking photos of peoples and Maybe animals.
    But for Instagram is only Shootings for a Photo Model.

  17. I think im sold on the a6400 bc i like to shoot during low light situations, otherwise I should probably go for the M50 bc i"m such a newb

  18. I m new user. Sony a6400 has no stabilization .
    which budget lens i can use for best stabilize ???
    … i have to make vlogs for youtube..

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