January 27, 2023

38 thoughts on “SKT Faker Talon Mid vs Vel'Koz | Korea High Elo Replays

  1. I main new talon. And as such I can sey few things: Talon scaling is too low in lategame to be assasin. Sad, but true. I didnt see big difference in dmg with standard assasins build compared to BC, giant hydra, youmuu, 150 armor 100 m.res build. 3 k hp. I tried it after playing another game vs vayne, who 3 shot squishy assasin lategame.
    And you know what? Bruiser talon works awesome. Closegap every 3,5 sec? sure! If enemy wants to meele u, u just deal them +50% dmg q, also nice. Great mobility even without boots and 2,5 second invisibility? with 30% cdr every 40 secs? OF COURSE. i end with 300 dmg instead of 400. but giant hydra compensates Very well. So guys, try this out, works either mid or jungle(I dont up jungle item, just buy tiamat 4 burst)
    And what would be short guide without my twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/dragomirmigpl
    Gl in fields of justice

  2. It seems like riot took away most of talons damage and replaced it with sheer mobility. He was super ahead early and couldn't even one shot…

  3. The parkour is going to get nerfed so hard in the future. Riot should have long ago learned how powerful utility is within a kit, even with small things like when they reduced ahri's ult cd

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