October 28, 2021

SJRC F11 Drone – Antenna Modification after Review

To maximize distance performance for Video and Control, modified Antennas.
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Below is the gear to create the VIDEOS:
Mobile Device: iPhone 6s (12MP Camera)
 Video: 2160p@30fps, 1080p@60fps,1080p@120fps, 720p@240fps
 WLAN: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, hotspot
Camera: Canon SX540 (50X Zoom)
Action Camera: GoPro Hero/Victure WiFi

Below is the Drone maintenance tools & stuff:
Oil painting palate knife – Open plastic drone and controller
Small Piles and drivers – Mechanical adjustments
Small soldering iron – Fix detached wires
Silicone Grease – for non-Metal (Plastic, Nylon, Teflon… )
Hot stick glue – Keep together wires


source: https://sylvaniachristian.com

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15 thoughts on “SJRC F11 Drone – Antenna Modification after Review

  1. Dear Dr.Den, please let us know how to upgrade the camera module on F11 with the 2.7K camera of the F11P! Thanks for your great work!!

  2. Hi Dr. Den
    I just wanted to confirm that the controllers antenna is 2.4Ghz only and not 5.8Ghz as well (i.e. dual band) and therefore your phone is the 5.8Ghz receiver.

    In other words will a dual band antenna make any difference at the controller side for Video?

  3. sorry bro, my question is different from the topic in the video. do I have a sjrc z5 whether it can be installed in bushless sjrc z5 sjrc f11? if possible what should I buy?

  4. Some YouTube guy did the 5.8Ghz antenna mod, using the flexible 5.8Ghz antenna from Hubsan Zino parts at $3.75 each, attached the outside of F11 main body (Left & Right). below is the site of Zino parts:

  5. Note: During replacement of antennas "Do not touch "GPS and Compass modules" which installed the Rear-Top (above 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz copper tube antennas) covered with radio wave absorption tape (black color). The both module have tiny wires and very weak wiring connection. In other words, "Do not remove tape and wires". for the safety modification.

  6. Received many inquiries for the detail of "more easy way to modify 5.8Ghz antennas" (see below);
    Easiest way of 5.8Ghz PCB antenna replacement is to install both #1 & #2 PCB antennas inside body-sides (Right and Left), (The video shows #2 PCB antenna was installed inside the motor arm because of the original location of #2 copper tube antenna. ) Just cut a small piece of plastic to make the space to install PCB antenna for both sides.

  7. Notice: Originally F11 seems to be a bit weak 2.4Ghz connection, compare to others. Because the 2.4Ghz antenna is located just under GPS internal antenna (1.6Ghz), looks like some interference between the two bands. Tested to change the location of 2.4Ghz PCB antenna to Right-side of drone body, a little far from GPS internal antenna.
    The connectivity was improved.

    If you plan to replace the 2.4Ghz antenna, please try to install on the Right-side body.

  8. More easy way, the installation of 5.8Ghz PCB antennas at both Right & Left side of drone body.
    No need to open up Front-Right arm to insert PCB antenna – same result. Just taping the IPEX connector of copper tube antenna or simply cut off IPEX.

  9. Usually, 5.8Ghz antenna replacement is good enough because Live-video transmission range is actual control range, except for blind flight control.
    Some YouTube guy recommended the same antennas at eBay (2pcs set at $2.81-5Ghz antenna & 2.4Ghz antenna $3.37 + shipping fee $2 (two week delivery) = $8.18



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