July 5, 2022

Sigma fp Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera | First Look

Sigma just announced their first full-frame mirrorless camera, the fp. We’ll walk you through some of the features of this new camera, including the 24.6mp full-frame sensor, the cine and stills modes, and available modules that enable customization.

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47 thoughts on “Sigma fp Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera | First Look

  1. Finally something that may shut up a few videographers(for at least a few secs). To be really honest, it feels like an over-sized GoPro lol.

  2. This is a really fancy move from Sigma: first having plenty of high quality lenses and then create a hybrid shooter camara to take advantage of them!!!👍✨😃

  3. go on guys!! buy this thing… i for one never go for version 1 :3 havent regret this decision ever.

    please buy it now.

  4. So Sigma is able to make a light camera but not a lightweight lens….hmmmm

    Also i did not see a headphone jack, so either you can with an adapter monitor sound via the usb-c or sigma put all of these video features just for you to monitor on-screen level and not through an earpiece. Please elaborate more on that.

  5. Wait, no PD-AF? Seems a bit behind, no? I love the form factor and the modular potential, but unless they're bringing all the standard features, gonna be a tough sell

  6. No 60 fps. No touch screen. What about flip screen? EF via slow and clicky MC-11. Sigma lenses is very good, I like my 16 1.4 but whole Sigma L-line will be released in the end of 2019 and price tag is high (900-1300$).
    Very excited by this cam but too many cons (

  7. That top dial is going to lose its traction as does with sigma dp2m. so poor battery life and the top dial will break. I really want to buy this, but i just dont trust sigma anymore.

  8. The battery life is going to suck.. it should come with 20 batteries. They could make it a bit bigger and use a big battery.

  9. Here's a new camera…it needs solutions right when you take it out of the box. 😀 Looks like an endless rabbit hole of accessories needed to make it usable with the bonus of zero ergonomics.

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