February 27, 2021

Should you still buy a Canon 6d Mark 2 in 2019 ?

Should you buy a Canon 6d Mark 2 in 2019? Should you say goodbye to your canon 6d mark 2?

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20 thoughts on “Should you still buy a Canon 6d Mark 2 in 2019 ?

  1. hey mark! i am a big shooter of nature, landscape, and urban photography! I also love filming as well! i was interested in the sony a7 mark 3 but that’s wayyyy too much for me, looking for a canon camera that is in the price range of about $1000 any suggestions? i’m thinking of the 6d mark 2 but wanted some advice

  2. I'm planning to get this, i can only afford a single lens right now, which one should i get for street photography and sometimes a little nature photography? TIA

  3. Hallo Mark, greetings from Germany, I have two kameras from nikon the d5100 ist soo simple and make nice shoots and the second is d7100, its have a nice results but I find it a bit complicated and now I thinking to switch to Canon.. Would you advise me to switch? And to which model should I?

  4. I have a beginner Canon 1300D. I primely use it for my customers on FB and IG (food photos) and Think it’s time for an upgrade. Wich should i go for? 😊

  5. I've been wanting this camera for so long! I've been shooting with my Canon Rebel T4i for 4yrs and I think it's a great beginner DSLR. I plan to upgrade to the 6D Mark II.

  6. I might buy the Canon 6D Mark 2 later down the line. It has on SD card slot which is not a big deal but it has no headphone jack which is odd. the canon 80D has a headphone jack and its cheaper so I am going to buy that instead. Luckily both camera's use the same battery.

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