February 1, 2023

Should you Buy an Pre-owned IPhone 6? (Boost Mobile) HD

boost mobile offers used iphone 6’s at an affordable price for everyone, gets even cheaper with a new activation or upgrade, another $50 off for a port in. its an amazing price but is it worth it? Subscribe for more

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24 thoughts on “Should you Buy an Pre-owned IPhone 6? (Boost Mobile) HD

  1. Hi, i have a few questions i would like to ask and if you could contact me that would be amazing,
    My email is ibg0804@gmail.com

  2. I dropped my galaxy s7 like about 1 1/2 foot and the front glass cracked really bad. Same thing happened to my wife. I don't know maybe is not a genuine glass. 😕

  3. whats the difference between certified pre-own and just pre-owned??? is it worth the extra money to get certified? and if i get a phone online from boost mobile can i return it to a local store or do i have to ship it back?

  4. I purchased a pre owned iPhone 6 for $100 2 months ago but I’ve been having a lot of issues with the battery

  5. I purchased my pre owned iPhone 6 3 weeks ago and it was fine but now the battery has issues and it stays stuck at 100% and then starts randomly turning off by itself

  6. I bought an IPhone 6 refurbished from Boost and it was locked. When I called Boost they told me I had to be on the Boost plan for 1 year before they would unlock it. So I have a phone I can't use for at least 1 year. I think this is completely wrong and false advertising.

  7. This specific scenario you are referring to when it comes to the phone ghost clicking and or touching certain applications and things along the lines of that nature is called touch disease, and it is only susceptible to iPhone 6 models such as the Plus, there is a work around to it but can be very expensive and then there is an alternative to where you take the phone completely apart and use tape to wedge in between the touch sensitivity component in the phone, but here is my question…. why not boost just get these phones certified refurbished instead of letting people take their used and defective phones….bring them to where ever it is that boost picks them up…and just sell them to theyre customers… it's something that they should not be allowing considering things like this… I bought two iPhone 6 Plus model phones that work pre-owned off of the website…. my phone had an issue where whenever I had it plugged in it would get touch disease while charging…. and my girlfriend's developed literally not even a week after having the device…. Boost Mobile wouldn't do anything except give us a refund which literally took almost up to 5 business days to process and they wouldn't even give us a refund until the devices return to them in the same exact condition that we got them…. they wouldn't even offer an exchange or anything…. I personally feel like boost needs to do something about their policy on selling pre-owned phones instead of getting them checked out fixed and things along the lines of that nature as well because it says on the website that these phones are tested before sold to the general population but they need more extensive testing before they ship these things out because then you have scenarios and situations like my own where I pretty much got beat at almost $400 between two preowned devices

  8. What the Poster of this video is forgetting are that these items aren't just "pre-owned" and that's it, they come in two different flavors; yes, the "Pre-owned", but then you also get the "<Enter manufacturer name here> Certified Pre-owned". They both have to pass a certain level of inspection and testing, so it's not as risky as the video makes it seem. It's not a 50/50 chance as the poster makes it seem, but there is a level of risk involved in purchasing any pre-owned device, regardless of whether or not it passed testing or inspections, but this is why they offer a certified line of pre-owned products. It is this certified designation that truly ensure's that you're getting your money's worth at with as little risk as possible.

    The certified designation means that the device not only goes through additional inspection and testing, but once the internal hardware is deemed as working properly, they then give you a brand new shell and screen, so that your device looks brand new, and so that you don't have to worry about sanitary issues. But that's not all, and this is the part that sold me on getting a certified pre-owned phone, you also get a brand new battery! This is a huge selling point, because some of these batteries have been used for 4 years plus, and usually by that time, its ability to hold a charge has diminished drastically. Sometimes it won't even hold a charge for half the time it did when it was new. Knowing that there is a fresh battery in there, is such a big issue for me in terms of peace of mind that yeah, I'll dish out the addition cash for it.

    And wait there's more! LOL, no seriously, there is…if all of that wasn't enough, you also get a 1-year limited manufacturers warranty with the certified devices, as opposed to a 30 or 90 day warranty you get from the retailer on the non-certified devices. That again, is a huge selling point, because I've heard so many stories about people who get a pre-owned device that seemed perfect upon receiving it, but within a couple weeks or months, it reveals problems or stops functioning altogether and then they have to purchase a new phone all over again. For me, again, it's worth the cost to have the peace of mind, knowing that should anything happen that is within the parameters of the warranty (you should really read through it), you'll be covered and be provided with a replacement unit at no cost (perhaps other than shipping).

    I'm sure, you're no w asking, "How much additional does a certified pre-owned cost?" Well, here is a link to the differences between certified and non-certified pre-owned devices at Boost Mobile, and in terms of pricing, you will end up having to pay a premium for the certified pre-owned devices. For instance, an iPhone 6S Plus 16GB that is pre-owned, but not certified goes for $179.99 (awesome price at this point in 2018), but for an Apple Certified Pre-Owned version, you're going to spend $249.99, yes, you have to spend an additional $80, but for what you get for that price, to me, it's beyond worth it.

    So, while there is some risk involved in getting the non-certified pre-owned device from Boost mobile (or other places), I would say that it's for sure the way to go, for those who don't want to spend the ridiculous amounts of money that carriers and manufacturers are asking for brand new devices that are half a decade old. You have the choices between just a pre-owned and certified, but either way you go, I think you'll end up getting way more than your money's worth.

  9. Do you have to activate it with boost Mobile after you buy it ? I really need someone to tell me because I wanna buy one but I need to know if I have to buy a plan for the phone to even use the phone

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