December 1, 2022

27 thoughts on “SAMA Maxcool White PC Case Build ASUS H110M-A/M.2

  1. I Mean to be fair the only issues i see is he choose a crappy i7 when he should have gotten a ryzen 2700x and instead of the nvidia 1050 he should have got a rx560….

  2. How are the stock case fans? Such as airflow or durability. Do you think they should be replaced by another company's fan?

  3. Last question how did u hook up fan controller? Seems be 4 pin female molex can u buy male to male molex connector hook one end to psu then 4 pin into that controller

  4. great case – wonder what thickness steel? (seems a lot thicker than DIYPC G5 and even thicker than a Define R5) I think Sama
    makes DIYPC's Vanguard which is listed as 0.8mm steel

  5. i had this case, and this case was really easy to work with tbh also the 3 fans are ok. it was a nice little case

  6. Just picked one up for my ryzen build, your video helped sell me. I think it will look great with my MSI B350m Mortar Arctic and Wraith Spire led cooler 🙂

  7. No special effects… just a bit of black and red… mostly black… I didn't like the flash being on. I wasn't hiding anything… the cable management is pretty good at this point. I'm going to try and paint over that damn green light! LOL

  8. After using a micro-ATX case for a few years now, I wanted to swap over the guts into a bigger case. I have NO room and the PS wires and cables are a rat's nest and with full tool-free HD and DVD cages, that don't work well, there's just not enough room for my huge hands. I've been researching for about a month now, and this case, the Sama Maxcool Black BK-15, looks like THE best case for under $50. It's almost 4 inches taller, 2 inches wider and just over an inch deeper than my mATX case, so I'm pretty excited to build in a case where I have room! —

  9. Is it possible to fit 140mm fans in the front and/or rear? It looks like there is a second set of mounting holes.

  10. Anyone considering this case…..I picked one up for my GF's son's build. It's a really nice case. It's built well. Sturdy. PLENTY of room inside. Will accommodate any size gpu! Bottom and top filters…
    I don't have a single complaint about this case other than I can't have anything to pick at. I'm usually able to find SOMETHING I don't like. You can spend your cash on this and BE HAPPY! Especially since this is a pretty affordable one!

  11. Noob question and I would appreciate any help.

    How do you even connect that fan speed controller cable that the case has? I have a Gigabyte H110M micro atx motherboard but I don't see any pins that would fit inside the cable.

  12. Nice Video, I bought this same model case and it was a joy to install.
    The SAMA case is wider, more room to hide / route the cables and good for larger hands.

  13. Finally a video about this case!
    I want to know if it was a good experience building inside this case, did it give you any problems?
    Also nice vid and editing 🙂

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