January 18, 2022

Rigging the Canon C200: SmallRig Review

Rigging up a Canon C200 with a SmallRig shoulder mount kit
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Gear featured in this video (affiliate links)SmallRig C200 shoulder mount kit
SmallRig Nato Handles
SmallRig C200 cage brackets

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39 thoughts on “Rigging the Canon C200: SmallRig Review

  1. Nice review! I loved the Smallrig parts, especially the same handle you use on the Sony on my 5DIII, but in case of C200 the parts are not coming together as nicely. I probably gonna opt for Bright Tangerine if I will be able to justify the price. Btw the mount is an ARRI style dovetail, mostly used on higher end cameras (still the best you can get if you have the money)

  2. Great video, thanks a lot! I am in the process of buying a C200 myself and have a really stupid and noob question but.. i will ask anyway simply because I dont know about it or how this camera works. When shooting RAW, are any video profiles or LOG modes selectable or can/need to be applied (like when shooting MP4), or because its RAW, basically is just RAW straight out of the sensor with no procession and end of story? Thanks again 🙂

  3. Love it Tyler! Enjoy it and wow your going to look badass when filming on locations. Canon C200 is surly a camera I want to one day own and yes the rig to ha ha.

  4. the mount on the bottom is actually a slot for an Arri Standard dovetail. Nice video. From my perspective of using Smallrig products, the quality of the aluminum is not the best, but maybe you already noticed that while using their cages for a longer period of time

  5. It’s refreshing to have a filmmaker YouTuber who isn’t here for the frills and fame. Thanks for making honest and informative content. 👍

  6. Hi Tyler, what is the name / brand of that counter weight you are using? Have been looking for something like that for my rig.

  7. I’ve been eyeing shoulder rigs for my Canon Cinema cameras ever since I watched a video by VICE showing how they have theirs setup, but I’ve never pulled the trigger because (A) I’m 6’4”, so the angle of filming is almost always too high up and (B) I don’t want to pack even more gear/add more weight.

    The native system of the top handle and adjustable mount for the LCD is starting to grow on me the more I use it. I just leave it built (with the top handle always attached) and it gets the job done for me. Always interesting to see how others want their cameras rigged though. I’ll be checking out the other rig options at NAB next week.

    This was a really helpful video Tyler, thank you for making it.

  8. I built most of my rail kit with SmallRig parts. I use a follow focus on my zoom ring and only one front handle. I do agree the quality vs price is 👍🏻.

  9. Stoked to see you got the c200 bro! Love mine. I saw on canon rumors it’s supposed to get 4:2:2 at NAB in a week. Hope it’s true! Hit me up if you have any questions about your camera! I’ve shot on mine almost every day for a year.

  10. So the default setup is large and not that good, and then you make 5 times larger and heavier camera LOL 🙂 C200 EVF is better than the LCD and you get the additional point of contact for stabilization, and you don't need the handle or most of the LCD mount parts, that's how C200 is great to use, small and light.

  11. Some bicycle bar tape might make the grip more comfortable, also some medium threadlock on that mount screw will stop it coming loose. Great video as always.

  12. Could you do a video on which cameras are good for beginners? What lenses are good for the price etc? Love the quality and honesty in your videos.

  13. Ahha you got it! Nice! I can't wait until Panasonic releases it's 8k organic cinema camera with 29.2 stops of dynamic range

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