October 1, 2022

22 thoughts on “Rich Froning Talks Diet (Macros, Testosterone, Meals)

  1. I only started drinking coffee recently and am highly caffeine sensitive (done the bloodwork) – it's like a drug to me, gives me the biggest boost in energy that lasts pretty much all day!

  2. Nothing really new or unexpected here. 4K calories sounds like the only take away curious amounts in the shakes.

  3. Hey guys. Coffee is breaking your fast. Your liver has to process caffeine, the only true fasting is water. So as soon as you drink that caffeine your body starts to break it down. Check out Dr Rhonda patrik on intermittent fasting. Or the Joe rogan Dr Rhonda Patrick podcast

  4. the second you drink or eat anything but water that breaks your fast! Go check out Dr. Rhonda Patrick. Anything your body has to digest breaks your fast

  5. Let me get this straight his testosterone levels almost doubled by just fasting.. Dense bones but blocked arteries…

  6. I have done IF for years (before I started CrossFit) and love it. I will fast for the rest of my life. I have to admit that I had to rebalance my calorie intake (much more) when I added CrossFit to my lifestyle.

  7. Tests for test (…lol) are rarely even close to accurate. It’s actually recommended to fast before getting your bloods done for the most accurate results. He probably just drank a half gallon of pus juice before he did his bloods to get that result in the 400’s. Doubtful his test was much lower than it is currently after starting IF.

  8. Bc if you can work CF into any diet program, it's completely bearable then! And then he smiles, looks at the camera, points, and says "You're Welcome" – best part of the video!

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