June 1, 2023

Review – Canon RF 35mm f1.8 Macro IS STM – A No Brainer

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In this video I take a look at a lens that quickly has become one of my favorites allround lenses for the Canon EOS-R. The short story is that its sharp, fast, creamy and fully featured without breaking the bank.

The video was recorded with:


Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8,

Manfrotto Befree,

EF 200mm f2.8 L Review,

Camera Blind Test Part 1 and 2,


Music: “Moist”, Mikos Da Gawd

source: https://sylvaniachristian.com

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42 thoughts on “Review – Canon RF 35mm f1.8 Macro IS STM – A No Brainer

  1. The natural FF successor for Canon Street photography (EOS R and 35mm f1.8)… Having said that, I'm happy with my M50, and M22 lens at the moment.

  2. Darn it lol I was trying to resist getting the R but you keep making a good case for it lol. I was looking at the R + the 24-105L kit lens because a local store is giving me 100 off plus 24 months interest free since i've been their sucker i mean loyal customer for many years lol. I wasnt counting on the 35mm though lol.

  3. Hey mattias. Have you ever considered to buy a sony camera with an A mount? Old autofocus minolta lenses will fit on the sony A mount so the lenses are dirt cheap.

  4. Good review! Like the lens very much and the pictures are so nice. I wish Canon would also make more lenses like this as RF 50 f1.8 IS and RF 85 f1.8 IS. The L versions are very good but not all guys need F1.2 nor can afford 2.5k $ per lens.

  5. Sounds like a great lens. I just cannot wrap my mind and my hands around the ergonomics on the R and the RP. Great review as always.

  6. Definitely my new favourite all purpose lens! Couldn't be happier with mine. Super impressed by the sharpness (including corners), the lightning fast af, the great is and the super nice bokeh. Only weather sealing could improve it.
    In my opinion, this feels like a sort of spiritual successor to the original 50mm 1.8 EF lens.
    Pro results on a budget!

  7. Great video Mattias. Do you think the Eos 6d is a good camera in 2019? I'm looking to upgrade from a 1300d and don't have much money.

  8. Does the electronic IS on the R work with the lens IS or do you turn the EIS off to use the lens IS (sorry, don't own the R). Awesome review – quick with great examples.

  9. I really hope the new lineup of "budget" 1.8 lenses for the RF mount all follow the same path as this 35. It's a no brainer if you want that focal lenght and you're on the RF system

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