January 29, 2022

42 thoughts on “PSP Minecraft 2.3!! (DOWNLOAD LINK)

  1. i have ideas
    -Mob eggs
    -20 fish types
    -All redstone items Dispenser e.g.
    -Water sounds
    -Fancy fire and water graphics
    -See though trees
    -Rename to Minecraft (PSP Version) on the games menu
    -Expand world size

    just giving ideas 😉

  2. I'm using a PSP 3000 and I set the UMD ISO Mode to Inferno then reset it. Whenever I try to create a world it crashes after generating everything.

  3. Fix the missing block in inventories and water and lava not falling and the world select and texture selecting background i mean the dirt background turn it into minecraft 1.13's background

  4. Hi, i have a problem with this versión, look when i start a new world un The game, my psp slim 3000 crash, this just is keep loading and after that its off i dont know why km just want to play :") (excuse me ir this can be some bar wrote but muy english is not ver y good :"v)

  5. Hello bro.
    Good update.

    I have a one incovenence, I didn't create a world, if I try create a new world, my psp crash and power off.

    Is a psp 3000

  6. And change the background in choosing textures and creating worlds and pls the water and lava is not falling fix them pls and if u finish this fast i will tell you suggest you something like website to post this

  7. Can you mak fly mode to be changed in the controls? I have my jump set as down and it annoying that I have to change my controls for this

  8. Awesome dude, pls never stop doing this, four years ago this was only a dream inside mi head, now we are on a playable version of Minecraft PSP

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