May 22, 2022

33 thoughts on “Pre Owned iPhone 6 Plus Unboxing Boost Mobile

  1. UPDATE #2 When you buy this you pay the full price of $200 or whatever the price is. There is no financing or lease. You have to use it with Boost Mobile. You pay the monthly bill online, on your phone or at a Boost Mobile store only. Guys you're making this harder stop thinking too much. This is only for Boost Mobile. It is not unlocked. To get it unlocked you must use boost mobile services for a entire year.

  2. I am getting a Pre-Owned iPhone 7+ tomorrow and I was wondering if I have some problems with the phone, can I get a refund or get another one?

  3. The phone was in perfect shape.>>> But it did not work with my Xfinity account (uses Verizon network). Too bad. Nice phone. They did a quick refund, about a days turnaround. Pretty incredible.

  4. I'm gonna order a brand new iPhone 8 plus from Boost Mobile's website. $100 cheaper for some reason even though is not used. Since you bought a brand new SE was it brand new?

  5. This might be helpful… There are a lot of People asking if the phone comes whit a sim and the answer is Yes! The phone doesnt come unlock (for all the Carriers) you gotta have it active for a year on boost so therefore the phone is elegible to be unlock, and is not because they want it in that way, actually there is like an agreetment between Carriers that stated the timeframe to get the phone unlock, preowned devices have a 90 days warranty since the Day you received the phone, warranty is not though Apple, warranty for preowned devices is though Brightstar the insurer. And Last thing, Best recomendation is buying a CERTIFIED PREOWNED IPHONE due to we dont get complains about those ones, usually the PREOWNED DEVICES are the ones with problems. Just take a look at the website and youll see the diference between them (prices). How do I know that? I work for boost, customer care.

  6. Should I get a $140 IPhone 6s from boost and stick with it for a year or should I get a $90 iPhone se ($160 after monthly plan and taxes) and stick with a locked phone for 6months

  7. Can you go into a boost mobile store and purchase the iphone for the same price. I cant do online so i was wondering. Nice video btw. Please respond. Thx

  8. so I have a iPhone 6s plus pre-owned and when I first got it it was busy looking brand new and was kind of acting brand-new but when I was losing it for a little while it started acting a little glitchy like the touchy for the screen with aching little funny so what do that mean do I have to go to a phone fix store ?? oh they can switch the batteries out the phone I mean what gets me really don't understanding is that they should the battery out like they swapped the screen out when it may cause fence and and then the phone be brand new..

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