September 28, 2021

PowerPoint 2010: Action Buttons

In this video, you’ll learn more about using action buttons in PowerPoint 2010. Visit for our text-based lesson.

This video includes information on:
• Inserting an action button on all slides
• Testing action buttons
• Editing action buttons
• Changing the appearance of an action button

We hope you enjoy!


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39 thoughts on “PowerPoint 2010: Action Buttons

  1. Any 1 to move action button suppose if.i write No button so when i go to no button it.will.move so i am not able no.button so finally i click yes button?

  2. This is quite cool! I somehow thought I had to make a training with the latest tech available but ppt seem to be the best suit!

  3. Thanks so much! So. soo useful. Q: Can I preset/program so that the self-paced user must enter the appropriate alpha-command in order to be able to advance? (Yes, I'm trying to build a self-paced user ppt interface to encourage the user to advance a screen by entering an old DOS-based system/Four-Character Alpha command.) Already have 'Nice Try!' interfaces based on mouse-clicks but cannot figure out keyboard alpha command interface. Thanks again for a most-useful vid!

  4. maygawd!! im using power point this whole time and didnt know there is such a hyperlink-like features here//// fml, MANY THANKS! YA SAVED MY TIME!

  5. I love your site and am trying to learn action buttons on PPT 2010. In your example PPT slide, at the bottom left side are common action buttons that disappear when your not moving your mouse or not hovering over the dimmed action buttons. I cannot find anywhere how to recreate this in my own slides. I hope you can point me to the lesson or explain how to do this – thanks so much for such an awesome website!!!

    I just found out how bey enabling pop up menu bar in advanced options – thanks

  6. Thanks for making this video, I have an upcoming Multi Media project and we were taught on Apple computers. I have a PC, so this was really helpful. Thanks again.

  7. Register online to take the full course for FREE!

    Just finished the PowerPoint2010 lessons and earned one Continuting Education credit. VERY WELL DONE lessons, projects graded by an instructor and evenly paced. You have to commit to one week deadlines for each 1/3 of the lesson plan but that keeps me motivated and moving. I just started Word 2010 and Excel 2010 is next. These lessons are first rate!

  8. Yes! All you have to do is start with an action button, then add the graphic and the animation you want. Next, set the trigger for the animation to "On click of," and choose the action button from the menu. You can do this from the Animation tab, in the Advanced Animation group. ^Bronwen

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