June 1, 2023

[Phim Kinh Điển] L'amant 1992 (The lover 1992) – Chuyện tình có thật của Huỳnh Thủy Lê – FULL HD

Marguerite Duras’ novel The Lover tells the story of a passionate, secret sexual adventure between a young French girl and an older Chinese man in Indochina in the 1920s. She says it is autobiographical, but I suspect it is the autobiography of her imagination, not of her real life. The elements in the story are the basic stuff of common erotic fantasies: Sex between strangers separated by age, race and social convention, and conducted as a physical exercise without much personal communication.

Perhaps these adventures really took place, in one form or another. It hardly matters. Jean-Jacques Annaud’s film treats them in much the same spirit as “Emmanuelle” or the Playboy and Penthouse erotic videos, in which beautiful actors and elegant photography provide a soft-core sensuality. As an entry in that genre, “The Lover” is more than capable, and the movie is likely to have a long life on video as the sort of sexy entertainment that arouses but does not embarrass.

Annaud and his collaborators have got all of the physical details just right, but there is a failure of the imagination here; we do not sense the presence of real people behind the attractive facades of the two main actors.

They are Jane March, as a French teenager living in a provincial area of Indochina and sent to Saigon to attend boarding school, and Tony Leung, as a rich Chinese aristocrat in his 30s. They are attracted to each other in the first place by the kind of unconditional erotic magnetism that the French call a thunderbolt; they look, they see, they lust. Soon they are meeting regularly in an anonymous room in a Chinese district of the city, where their sexual encounters can only be described as inventive and thorough.

Life goes on outside the walls of this cocoon. The girl hates her life – hates the bloody-mindedness of her teachers and fellow students, and the descent of her dysfunctional family into depravity. Of the man we learn less; he comes from a proud old family, and his bride will be selected for him according to the ancient ways. The secret love affair is of course forbidden by the mores of the time; both races hold strong feelings against interracial romance. But the movie treats those attitudes less with indignation than with relief; because society prevents these two lovers from being seen together in public, the movie doesn’t have to deal with their roles in society. Like classic pornography, it can isolate them in a room, in a bed: They are bodies that have come together for our reveries.

I wanted to know more. I believe true eroticism resides in the mind; what happens between bodies is more or less the same, but what it means to the occupants of those bodies is another question.

What do these two people really think about one another? Do they love in the romantic sense? Is each escaping from the idea of a more personal relationship? Is this a purely sexual arrangement? At the end, as the girl leaves Saigon and her ship passes the dock, she sees the man get out of his limousine and look at her departing ship.

Years later, he visits Paris, without result. What did they lose? What would have been possible between them, in another world – or even in this one? The film does not seem to know.

Other names: The Lover, El amante, Коханець, Sevgili, Älskaren, Любовник, Amantul, O Amante, Kochanek, El amante, Elskeren, El amante, Yeon-in, L’amante, A szerető, O erastis, Rakastaja, El amante, Elskeren, Der Liebhaber, O Amante, Любовникът, El amante

In 1929 French Indochina, a French teenage girl embarks on a reckless and forbidden romance with a wealthy, older Chinese man, each knowing that knowledge of their affair will bring drastic consequences to each other.

Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Writers: Marguerite Duras (based on the novel), Gérard Brach (adaptation) | 1 more credit »
Stars: Jane March, Tony Ka Fai Leung, Frédérique Meininger

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48 thoughts on “[Phim Kinh Điển] L'amant 1992 (The lover 1992) – Chuyện tình có thật của Huỳnh Thủy Lê – FULL HD

  1. Nice! I like this. I've read the little autobiographical novel by Mlle. Duras and I saw the movie when it came out here in the USA, in Baltimore. Ironically, i was involved with a very intelligent and pretty younger woman, a student of Literature no less! Lovely novel, lovely movie,

  2. AMWF, still taboo today. White men are so angry at seeing these couples, yet they fetishize asian women. Too bad though. 99 percent of the AMWF couples today involve a beautiful white girl. Can't say the same for WMAF.

  3. Mình vừa đến thăm nhà ông Huỳnh Thủy Lê ngày hôm qua ngay sau khi rời khỏi làng hoa Sa Đéc. Nhân vật chính ngoài đời cũng có ngoại hình ưa nhìn và cũng rất lãng tử…Đời này tôi chỉ muốn sống trọn vẹn với người mình yêu, ko muốn để lỡ mất nó lần nữa. Mong nếu có kiếp sau ông bà sẽ nên duyên vợ chồng.

  4. I just read the book (an autobiography from Marguerite Duras ❤️) and all the narrative are pieces of text from the book itself… This is so moving, knowing that she wrote inspired about her own life.

  5. Khi ra đi cô gái mới biết minh yêu nhiều. Còn lúc trước cô ấy ko nghi đến việc kết hôn.

  6. The girl is an amazing actress. She's so talented. Her emotions are so raw and rightly conveyed through the screen.

  7. I like how people keep saying pedophilia is a bad thing but when they watch this movie about a 32 year old having sex with a 15 year old they're like "ohmaigash so romantic i want that" lmao fucking millennials.

  8. “He still loved her , he would never stop loving her , that he would love her until his death” 😭that part always gets to me

  9. Vẫn nhớ dáng dấp ấy. Dáng vẻ cô ấy đứng dựa một góc tường vừa nghe vừa khóc vì tình yêu tàn rụi của mình. Khi đó. Cô mới biết mình đã thật sự yêu….

  10. Thời xưa và nay cũng có khác gì nhau đâu, cái gọi là môn đăng hộ đối…làm cho những mối tình đẹp thành bản nhạc buồn , đi vào kỉ niệm đầy ưu sầu…!

  11. I cried a lot😭😭😭😭😭😭. She was young and silly with a broken heart💔. I have a lot of trouble for both but more for the Chinese💔💔💔

  12. He was too much in love with her and she was just attached to him (she knew he was a weak man). Plus she was too young to understand the passion he had for her. It can be overwhelming this kind of passion for a young girl to handle…

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