November 27, 2022

NHÀ MẸ LÊ – Truyện ngắn Thạch Lam/ ATV channel

Between 1932 Thach Lam participated as the editor Phong Hoa with his brother Nhat Linh , the of the Tu Luc Van Doan; then executive editor of Today in 1936 (replacing Phong Hoa newspaper of being closed). Starting as a journalist, he also began writing short stories first, and most newspapers before entry into a book.
His major work is the first wind season (collection of short stories, 1937), Sunny Garden (collection of short stories, 1938), a new date (long story, 1939), carried by the current (literary essays, 1941), hair yarn (collection of short stories, 1942), three new six streets (essays, one year after his death recently published, 1943). Thach Lam quickly became popular in the literature with literary language very delicate and sentimental. As a leading writer of talent in Tu Luc Van Doan, but other than Nhat Linh, Hoang Dao and Khai Hung, Thach Lam tended to come closer to reality, and the more remarkable is that he has a very deep feelings sincere, leaning heavily on the poor.
Many stories of Thach Lam suggested by sympathy, when he described his miserable life of the splendor with fate, losses as a manifestation of social discontent. Such stories The student, tells of a poor student cannot find a job, all the way to live, to suicide. The writer of a young man tormented with hunger and abuse to the point lost all self-respect and dignity.

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