January 27, 2023

40 thoughts on “Nativity

  1. Hi Chris, Can I use this video for a Christmas event happening in our local theatre? Of course, you will be credited. Fantastic job by the way!

  2. I am getting ready to release my first song and it is based on the Nativity. Could I use all or part of this video for my youtube video?

  3. Here you go Chris, and thanks again for allowing me to use your video I think it suits it perfectly 🙂 Merry Christmas, hope you have a good one.


  4. This is amazing ! Could I please use this as a background animation for a christmas video we are doing of the nativity story and will credit you in the video?

  5. Hi Chris. Could I ask your permission to use this video as a music video for a new track I have written? It would mean reposting the video, minus your music on my channel and adding in some credits at the start and finish but I will credit you as the creator etc. the track is on soundcloud if you would like to listen first but it would be perfect! https://soundcloud.com/garethgregory/the-greatest-tale-feat-roisin-carlin

  6. Chris, may I use this as a background for a recording of Away in the Manger on my accordion – it is not a video I will be selling and I will credit you in the video?

  7. Hi there, could I use this video as an accompaniment to a recording of "It came upon a midnight clear" which I will be posting onto Youtube? Thank you so much!

  8. Would I be allowed to use this and edit some of the coloring for a concert series my school has coming up? This is absolutely perfect and I would love to use it!

  9. Wow this one is pretty awesome too…would love to use this video for this Christmas Eve service too ((fingers crossed))

  10. Hi, I love this video! Do you by change have a higher quality render? Would love to use this at our church service with your permission of course.

  11. This is a beautiful video!! May I use this video for my missionary work in hospital?Thanks so much ! God Bless!

  12. Hi, I'm a Japanese pastor .I want use this video in my church's christmas service. May I do download this video?

  13. Awesome! Can I ask permission to use this in our church? …intro for an Advent concert. God bless you for your awesome work.

  14. This is beautiful. Chris, may we have permission to use this in our Facebook page? Thanks!


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