April 1, 2023

MIGHTY Song Ji Hyo REVEALED Shock Story With Kim Jong Kook's Mother

Mighty Song Ji Hyo revealed shock story with Kim Jong Kook’s mother
In this video you will get to know the secret recipe to have Kim Jong Kook abs. It is for sure through hard workout but to be able to get low body fat you have to prepare post workout meal like him.

Full official video:

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20 thoughts on “MIGHTY Song Ji Hyo REVEALED Shock Story With Kim Jong Kook's Mother

  1. Please jong kook mom pray hardly for song ji hyo to become ur daughter- in- law one day…i like to be together forever..

  2. So are the really dating? Or just very close friends? Because in sk the only time bf and gf meet the parent is if they are serious or gonna be soon married. But if they are just dating and not getting married yet than the parents don’t usually meet their child bf or gf in tell they are soon getting married. Because from what I hear Korean parents could careless if it’s just dating and nothing serious yet. Because here in America it’s totally different even with Asian Americans families it’s different. Like I could be dating a guy and my parents could meet him but we aren’t even going to be married in the nearby future and that is cool. But in SK, parents only meet their kids significant other if they are gonna be married. So it could be true?

  3. 1:52 "Thousands of breastless chicken will follow Jong Kook around when he dies."
    -Classic Jae Suk hyung… 😀 😀 😀

  4. Now kjk' s mom knows ab kjk has new gfas she said" I knows he has gf bt he does nt want to get married yet..Poor jihyo

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