September 26, 2022

Mass Extinction Alert, Wendy’s Spicy Nuggets & Caster Semenya’s Testosterone | The Daily Show

A new report spells out dire consequences if humans don’t curb carbon emissions, a tweet sparks the return of Wendy’s spicy nuggets, and runner Caster Semenya gets penalized for her natural hormone levels.

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36 thoughts on “Mass Extinction Alert, Wendy’s Spicy Nuggets & Caster Semenya’s Testosterone | The Daily Show

  1. Actually Caster S. was medically analyzed and findings show that "she" was born without a womb or ovaries and absolutely no female reproductive system AT ALL and instead born with testes and aye a…dick. so yea.

  2. We are doing million dollars research to make humans better and better in any way possible and they say her to lose harmones and be less athletic lmao pfffff

  3. We do not want to deny her femininity, but biologically Caster Semenya is a man – said Jose Maria Odriozola, biochemistry professor, board member of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). Earlier, due to hormonal anomalies occurring in the two-time Olympic champion, she had to give up her performance in the Doha World Athletics Championships.

  4. Bro. The future is not looking bright. At all. And coming from a biologist, it’ll be depressing to see most species start to descend towards extinction.

    And it makes me feel like my potential job outcomes will be less than fruitful.

  5. So a guy who believes the Earth is flat is part of the reason spicy nuggets are back?…We're fucked as a species.

  6. This is why i dont like daily show half the time, bring attention to a serious issue, then joke about it for a few minutes and move on, when its any sort of Trump related news ohhh ahhh you guys we have to do something, but if its the FUCKING NATURE DYING BECAUSE OF TRUMP NOT BELIEVING IN CLIMATE CHANGE then its all fun and games.

    Get fucked America, srsly, choke on them spicy nuggets endorsed by some rap fool, get ready for total isolation.

  7. the filet of fish at mcdonalds is alaskan pollock. we used to deem those "trash" fish, but since we overfished all the north atlantic cod we use pollock now. most of the fish that goes to mcdonalds comes from one ship too.

  8. People saying this climate change is natural, would happen anyway. But we're the one's digging up the carbon and making it come faster.

  9. Bono trying to end world poverty…….then why does U2 have a shell company in the Netherlands for tax evasion purposes ? Bloody hypocrite !

  10. so this is how the world of man comes to and end.
    Men forcefully inject a chemical in a woman to force her to be on the same level as everyone else in human performance and then women will invent a chemical to kill half the male population on the planet to even it out.

  11. 5:00 what if a shemale wants to compede in a contest for women over strenght? I think this is in either way unfair to someone in the end.

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