April 1, 2023

Marineford Minecraft PE 1.8 Adventure map

Marineford map by hermoduro first I want to thanks MOJANG for the new update after that lets start
This map is based in the arc of one piece I finished this map in a month youre going to alot action and if youre a one piece fan youre going to love it.We used alot command blocks and also I did everything from cero includes the map and the characters let me show the list of the mobs

*Whitebeard:the strongest one if you get closed to him he kill with one hit.
*Akainu:Strongest marine in the map also shoot fireballs and lava
*Akoji:make you slow.
*Kizaru:teleport and make you blind.
*Garp,sengoku,Doffy,Moria and Smoker:the all just physical power.
*Kuma:send you fly,teleports and potions.
*Ace:shoot fireballs and fire
*Mr3,Mr1,Invakov,Inazuma and Jinbei:physical power.
*Buggy:runs and shoots from far.
*Marco:can fly and regenerate.

Find all the keys in the lights and keep advacing and of course save Ace,read all the instructions on how to keep going.Note!!!if you cant defeat the enemy Just run and keep going because theyre overpower just like in the anime you cant kill some of them

Saying all thanks and enjoy.Work in 1.8

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