November 29, 2021

Living with the Canon EOS R: A 6-Month Hands-On Review

Thinking about jumping ship from your durable Canon 5D Mark 4 or 1Dx? Before you do, check out what we think of Canon’s current flagship mirrorless contender in our latest gear talk.

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40 thoughts on “Living with the Canon EOS R: A 6-Month Hands-On Review

  1. Thanks for the info. Currently have the 6DII. Thinking about getting the EOS R. Very rarely do we shoot video and since fashion and more specifically runway is our main thing to shoot the improved AF would be a huge bonus I think. We get stellar images from the 6DII but the AF is frustrating at times.

  2. Best review ever made on EOS R. I was about to upgrade my Canon 5D Mark IV which i love the most. Thanks for being straight forward in telling us to wait for the next mirrorless model. Thumbs-up

  3. I used this camera with the 50 1.2 EF and it is great and low light monster !
    Ergonomic are great and you get used to the little shortcomings. The image quality is excellent. The autofocus is dead on accurate and you can shoot running kids easily .

  4. This is the BEST review of this camera i have seen IMO! REAL world from real photographers who shoot for a living hitting the highlights of what some of us have been waiting for. much appreciated.

  5. 7:48 UK you can just flip the screen on the left and use your thumb on the again like a joystick simple . this is the best movie from the Canon

  6. good review, and this a review that sony fanboy will not even listen to, because if we compare it to buying a car, its like sony fanboy want a ferrary car but with the price of a ford. LOL

  7. I’ve just purchased a EOS R…
    I own the LUMIX GH5 I love it and I hate it, it’s great for video awful for photos.
    I own the Fuji XT2 & XT3 it’s amazing for photos yet awful for video…
    I’ve used two of Sony’s like up A7S MK 2 &
    AS3… and tbh the G master lenses in my opinion for the quality are a little too over priced and it just doesn’t seem to be the right camera for me.

    Hoping as I used to be a canon user so I still have my lenses that the R will bridge the gap of the three and be the perfect all round camera. Jack of all trades and the master of none. 🙌🏻🙏🏼

  8. Was thinking of jumping from my 6D to this after extensive research on other canon camera’s…fears your opinion compared to the 6D ii or 7D ii?

  9. Focus stacking is a great feature that’s available on the less expensive RP. Why doesn’t Canon include this essential feature on the R? It would be a firmware upgrade. Canon- are you reading this?

  10. I love my EOS R! The control ring is amazing. It may not be the best at anything but it's a great overall experience and you can produce some truly amazing shots.

  11. Love my R! Here’s the latest rumor… Canon looking at putting the second card slot in the battery grips. Interesting idea. We’ll see if it’s true.

  12. Can anyone recommend a Micro USB to USB C cable that will work with the Eos R and Crane 2? I bought a converter from amazon with no success. I don't really care for the follow focus much but I would like to be able to control camera settings with the gimbal.

  13. My EOS R arrives tomorrow morning. My first full-frame digital.
    Disappointed in the lack of IBIS but decided not to wait. Considered a Sony but using my four EF L lenses with a Franken adapter seems hit and miss with some reviewers saying it's great and other saying it's a poor compromise. And those MC-11 and Metabones adapters are expensive!
    So, I bought the R knowing both its strengths and its deficiencies. Looking forward to it. I'll be watching in envy when the Canon pro mirrorless is introduced but it will be far out of my price range. Hoping the "R-Mk II" might have IBIS in another year or two.

  14. Great video, thank you! Plz do a comparison between the Canon EOS R and EOS RP, if it's in your interest and have the time! Happy 5DIV shooter here, looking also to move to mirrorless to enjoy the new 50 and 85 RF 1.2's!

  15. Now's the best time to shoot canon. Everyones jumping ship for mirrorless and you can pick up used EF glass for just a fraction of the price! Then once a pro model of the R comes out I'll likely upgrade from my 5D Mark IV and use the canon adaptor with my EF lens collection 😀

    But I want full-frame 4K, at least 1080 120 slo-mo plus eye detection that rivals Sony 😀

    Otherwise, I still see a solid 10 years use out of my 5D Mark IV.

  16. I think touch and drag is one of the best things touch screen can offer. It can be much better than joystick… Now, I agree that it could work better. I was thinking about how good it would work out if the toch area could be set to thirds instead of half. And also, if they worked out a way to make the track by your finger speed. This could be amazing for absolute and relative focus picking modules!
    Another thing that could be done in the touch and drag, is to “aquire focus when you lift your finger”. That way you dont have to press any other button to aquire the selected focus.
    I also wish the R got a focus bracketing like the RP, and an intervalometer for stills (not only the timelapse movie option)…

  17. For me Canon is a dead end. I'm annoyed that I didn't switch to Sony years ago. With my 50 MP EOS 5DS R I can't shot videos in 4K and the new one is a crop. Canon is not innovative.

  18. For the nose issue, set the autofocus pad on relative instead of absolute and it will be touch and drag. No more accidental touches.

  19. LOL re the nose challenge! I'm left-eyed, but my nose seems to be of such a size that it's not been a challenge. My glasses also keep my face a bit further back, but the EVF cup design makes that not an issue. I guess the design is "nosist"! 🙂

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