January 18, 2021

LG Dual Inverter AC 2019 REVIEW and EXPERIENCE!

LG Dual Inverter AC 2019 REVIEW and EXPERIENCE: In today’s video we are going to talk about the LG Dual Inverter AC 2019 features and more in great detail.
We will discuss more about its pricing, features, functions, installation process and a lot more!

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Gear list:
Sony A6300 –
Nikon D3300 w/ kit lens –
50 MM Nikkor Prime lens –
Rode VideoMic Go –
AudioTechnica Lapel Mic –
Macbook Pro 2015 –
Samsung 750 Evo SSD –
USB 3.0 – SATA cable –
Sandisk USB3.0 pendrive –
Simpex VCT 690 pro tripod –
SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB SD Card:
Redragon K552 Kumara mechanical keyboard:
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34 thoughts on “LG Dual Inverter AC 2019 REVIEW and EXPERIENCE!

  1. I have a titan big 30000 btu dual inverter. its amazing and freez you to death in jet mode if you wants. u just need to buy a product that is suitable for your needs

  2. Please please dont purchase any ac of LG. I purchase LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split Inverter AC (KS-Q18AWZD, White) very very cheap performance. Not giving cooling. Dontttt wast your money please.

  3. Stay away from this product good for your mental health also.Otherwise whenever you see it you will feel wasted your hard earned money

  4. Lg dual inverter ac has good performance when it is serviced by a technician before it is used in summers

    I will give 5 stars to lg dual inverter

  5. Kitne logo ka kata
    16°c pe ac rakhke bhi
    Room temperature 26 tak he lowest hota h???

    Maine toh chilled cooling feel he nhi kiye abtak ☹️

  6. Can you tell me which is most top latest less power consuming 1.5 ton inverter ac from Daikin, Gree, Lg, Panasonic or Samsung or any other brands?

  7. I have bought this just 7 days before cooling is less and fan speed is less only energy saving and average cooling and fan speed

  8. yes true main bhi lg dual inverter hot and cold purchase kiya but bhut time leta hai cooling mei…mere office mei general ka kya colling hai uski

  9. Purchased LG 1.5 ton 3 Star Dual Inverter KS-Q18YNXA(2019) from Amazon… Installation and all everything went smooth…But when I went to sleep on first day in The Room where I installed this AC…I felt like This one is not cooling the room…at 18 degree…than I tried Himalayan Cool mode which runs about half an hour..at full speed…I thought this will cool the Room…but It didn't…for 2 days I tested this and it was not cooling as per my expectations…after that I complained to LG and Amazon CC Both…LG guy came in just 2 hours…and he did some testing with Some Equipments… everything came Normal…than he went today Amazon guy came and did same testing… Everything was normal…But even after two opinions still I feel This AC is not Cooling as much as others brands Do… Don't know what is the problem..my room is enough for 1.5 ton and I ensure it is packed while using AC..Still it is not cooling.. Don't know what is the actual Problem with this AC..or is it problem with my expectations 😶

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