January 21, 2022

38 thoughts on “Kwang Soo Kneels Down.. "You're so desperate!" [Running Man Ep 400]

  1. I really miss this group… Hahaha.. Hope PD bring back this fam group again… Lee da hee.. Jin Young.. Hanna.. Sang yeob… Yes…

  2. Love the way Da Hee acted naturally with Kwang Soo keke. They really match with each other and look like a real couple. She is the only girl that can make Kwang Soo acted like a real man. I've stopped watching RM since Somin is there and now because of Da Hee, I really want to watch these episodes.

    Btw, I know this is an impossible wish but I really hope that Somin could get out of this program. In my opnion, she's absolutely not a best choice in an international entertainment program like RM, where they need an artist who has enough professinal to deal with unexpected situation. RM is not a small program, I don't understand why they chose her as a member while she's still so childlish, so unprofessional and sometimes talk and act like an uneducated person.

  3. when Da Hee tell Kwang Soo so ugly, i can see him a little upset (like he care about what she think) and here when she chose him anyway, he look so happy kkkk

  4. Well it's bcuz Kwangsoo is the only one that Dahee close among the rm members…remember when she said that she felt comfortable around Kwangsoo

  5. 1:55 am i the only one that notice Haha displeased with how Da hee is. He didnt even smile when kwang soo bows to da hee

  6. I think Da Hee really likes Jin Young (as a friend)
    They were always holding hands, standing next to each other and stuff.. it was a very cute moment at 2:53 tho
    Can this friendship sail too? 😁😁

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