June 1, 2023

21 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Build: Sclash Driver EXPLAINED

  1. Now that you mentioned that Grease, Build, and Cross-Z vs. Rogue was your favorite non-Evolt fight from Build, what’s your actual favorite fight?

  2. Kinda disappointed on how the Sclash Driver became less significant as the story went on. As much as I love the Evol Driver, the Driver's appearance has rendered the power of the Sclash Driver to moot. In addition, even the Riders and non-Riders were getting stronger by just injecting more Nebula Gas to themselves rather than getting a real upgrade. The fact that all of the Sclash Driver's users must step backward to use the more convenient Build Driver to achieve stronger upgrades was also infuriating.

  3. taka jelly sounds like me because idk the taka half body looked cool to me so a jelly would make it more cool

  4. I do love the Sclash driver but i feel like they should've made a variation/upgade of it later on in the show (maybe they will for the Grease v-cinema i don't fucking know)

  5. The jelly I kinda hoped to see was Shika or Ghost. Ghost would fit especially well since the translucent look of the Jelly could be used to give a more unnatural feeling.

  6. I'd want to see a Magician Jelly, but we don't know if the Magician Fullbottle's existance is even canon.

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