March 27, 2023

18 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Battride War Genesis – All Riders intro

  1. It's still so stupid that they made W into three different characters? Joker we can let slide a little but still? God forbid we use those character slots on Riderman, or Shin, or Zo, or J!

  2. Anyone know where I can figure out what they're saying? Some I know due to some knowledge (read: minimal) of the language, and others by heart, but some (such as Nigo's) I'd love to get a translation for if possible.

  3. So when are we getting the next Battride with the ExAid Riders? They're Video Game based Riders who would be in a Video Game about Kamen Riders.

  4. I cannot believe they included violent emotion decade again, and added a second Kuuga. The decade is just stupid and the Kuuga is just lazy.

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