June 6, 2023

iPHONE 7: iOS 13 Vs iOS 12! (Comparison) (Review)

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The iPhone 7 finally got iOS 13 installed on it, so here’s a bit dated comparison between iOS 12 and iOS 13 on the iPhone 7!

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42 thoughts on “iPHONE 7: iOS 13 Vs iOS 12! (Comparison) (Review)

  1. third party apps cannot get into this type of competition in my opinion. many need proper programming for each IOS. and IOS 13 was just released, and many apps are still to be programmed properly to work with the software as well. I think we can only test the basics scenarios and features from Apple and the mobile functions itself.

  2. The IOS 13 you're running is the BETA version, not final release. So result is not conclusive.
    Like running a benchmark on an enigeering sample CPU.

  3. Instead of making iOS 13 videos on iPhone 7 make it on iPhone 6s plus because people are most likely going to have that phone because it's way more cheaper and it has iOS 13 correct me if I'm wrong.

  4. I’m wondering what IOS 13 is gunna be like on iPhone 8 Plus can’t wait for apple to release it on iPhone 8 Plus hopefully it’s gunna be great 👍🏾💙💙🙏🏾💯

  5. greeting, the iphone 6s battery lasts longer than the iphone SE, not counting the l battery and the iphone 6s camera which in your opinion is better or which I recommend das, (in ios 12.3.1) greetings.

  6. We need a redesign and visual overhaul for iOS since we have the same thing since iOS 7 circa 2013
    and Apple gives us iOS 13 same as 12 but with the DARK MODE same as the design for 7 in 2013, 6 years earlier. WE are rocking 6 year old software might as well rock a iPhone 5s from 2013 around which is I still have and on 12.3.1. Never buying another iPhone again. I have the 4s, 5s, 6 and 6s Plus and I will continue to use my 5s and 6 on 12.4 for at least 2 or 3 more years until battery losses charge well below 70% and 6s Plus I will use also well past iOS 14 which is getting like 5s so 6 years of support so like Supported until September 2021 I can rock it until 2025.

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