May 22, 2022

35 thoughts on “iPhone 5s in 2019 Worth it ?

  1. Bro if really Apple Not give an update of IOS 13 So, can you help us to use IOS 13 in 5s? Because I want to use Garageband for my latest projects and it only requires/runs on IOS 13!! Plzz Help us Bro, We know only you can do this!😊

  2. My iPhone was dead at 2017 and it stayed dead till November 2019. I took it to a local repair shop and they bring it to life costing very little money.
    Imagine a device dead for two years and now it’s back ⚒🔨✌️

  3. You can buy a mint condition 5s for like $50 on eBay now as sadly it's no longer supported by Apple but still a good backup phone

  4. My 5s eats up 50 percent battery using fucking fb and messenger within one fuckin hour. I switched from samsung s7 edge. That shit lasts 7 hours screen on time before dying.

  5. The size is what is spot on. It’s a phone not a tablet. Fits in one hand very nice and a thumb can easily hit any button while holding with one hand.

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