October 19, 2021

iPhone 11: The Death of Apple

The iPhone 11 is a disaster for Apple in more ways than one and it will mark the real beginning of the end for Tim Cook and the gang.
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23 thoughts on “iPhone 11: The Death of Apple

  1. They keep tweaking their software and hardware each year but nothing stellar. The phone design pretty much the same since iphone 6 in regards to the frame. Now, how long will they keep the X design? Samsung is already bypassing that and improving theirs.

  2. Took one look at the images of iPhone 11 and switched to note 10 plus in a heartbeat. This is after I was loyal to apple for 4 plus years

  3. I started the bash apple bandwagon when I got the Tmobile G1 or HTC Dream to everyone else. It's funny to have watched this happen throughout the years. I told everyone this would happen years ago….

  4. I have a feeling soon Apple will make the newest iOS exclusive to that year's iPhone and the owners of the previous iPhones will have to either buy it or be just stuck with the outdated os version

  5. This guy is the most clickbait YouTuber, how many times have you used the same title and made the same video

    “I’m done with Apple”
    “I’m really done with Apple”
    “Apple is over”
    “I’m orange so fuck Apples”

  6. As an XS owner, the XI, isn't going to be enough to get me to open my wallet again. Not after getting duped for a grand last year for absolutely no reason. Apple is meh, and if they don't pull their finger out their shareholders a$$es, they won't know what hit them when everyone ditches them.

  7. I'm an android user (currently using the P10 if you're wondering) and there is one thing that Apple has which I adore. It's there Apple cosmos. Everything working effortlessly together.

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