January 18, 2021

iOS 13 Beta 5 is out! – What’s New?

iOS 13 Developer Beta 5 is available to all Developers and soon iOS 13 Public Beta 4 will be available as well with the same changes and updates. iOS 13 Developer Beta 5 brings over 10 bug fixes and refinements. There are changes to the Shortcuts app, the Home app, Activity and more. .If you were thinking of installing iOS 13 Beta 5 or iOS 13 Public Beta 4 now is probably the time if you are a beta tester. #iOS13 #iOS #Apple #iPhone

Have you installed iOS 13 Public Beta 4 or Developer Beta 5 yet and what device are you using it on? I would love to hear what you have to say by letting us know in the comments below.

***Time Codes***
00:00 – Start
00:05 – Size
00:17 – Build number
00:32 – Known and Resolved issues
01:12 – New changes and features
04:08 – iPad OS changes
05:58- Bugs and Performance
06:52 – Battery life
07:27 – Benchmark (geekbench)
08:10 – Conclusion
08:35 – Outro
08:56 – End

You can now install iOS 13 Beta 3 over the air (OTA) if you have the beta profile installed.

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42 thoughts on “iOS 13 Beta 5 is out! – What’s New?

  1. need help , ios 13 beta 5 when i touch the screen with 3 fingers it appears to me a keyboard copy& past and back list anywhere in games & apps home&lock screen :(…

  2. So I don't know what happened in this latest beta but mail, messages, safari, youtube just keep crashing on iPad/iPhone. The other betas where more stable than this 1. They need to release a new beta asap, reported all the issues, countdown starts.

  3. When the iOS 13 is officially released, if I am on public beta, in order to upgrade to the official version, what I need to do is just remove the beta profile and reboot the device to get the upgrade, is it how this work?

  4. I have a question , I installed beta 5 iOS 13 a few days ago, now I removed my beta profile , when the iOS 13 stable version will be released would I be able to download it from the actual updates ?

  5. People album doesn’t work
    (To finish scanning your remaining photos lock your iphone and connect it to power)pleeaase help me

  6. Why do they keep taking stuff out of shortcuts? When it launched they had way more icons including social media symbols and then they removed them. Bummer.

  7. Anybody else have any issues with their iPhones not being able to connect to their Apple Watches unless they do a full reboot? I heard that Apple is recommending that people update their Watches to watchOS 6 beta 2 or later if or this issue might happen, can anyone confirm it?

  8. Hi Aaron, you know something about the life battery of apple watch (OS watch 5.3) and this update (IOS 13 Public Beta 4). Thanks

  9. I actually downgraded recently from iOS 12.4 back down to 12.3.1 where I’m at now. I can’t wait for iOS 13 the full version 🙂✌️. iOS 12.4 was horrible for me I got better battery life and more stable LTE with 12.3.1 and it seems to be that way again after I downgraded.

  10. I want to switch between mobile site and desktop back on safari iPadOS. Desktop page not fully optimised
    Pictures not fully shown on Photos app iPadOS
    Rotation screen not working on iPad Pro 10.5

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